Black Penny Half Cent Nike 1/2 Cent
The second colorway of the Nike Penny Half Cent (1/2 Cent) has surfaced online. The sneakers are a hybrid of Penny Hardaway’s signature shoes from back in the day. The inspiration for the 1/2 cent logo comes from the vintage Nike Penny Hardaway commercials directed by Spike Lee and starring Chris Rock as the voice of Little Penny. This colorway is primarily black with touches of metallic silver. Additional colorways are expected to release in the near future. The Black/Black Metallic Silver Nike Half Cent is now available online.
Colorway- Black/Black Metallic Silver
Style- 344646-001
Retail Price- $190
Click here to purchase at UTA.
Click here to purchase on the ‘bay.

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  1. ugh. spike lee movies suck. cool shoes tho. not worth the asking price. realistic speaking. i wont purchase unless i win a scratch off or sometin.

  2. lol @ the commercial, idk wat dude talkin bout^^^ spike lee has made some of the best films ever anyway these 1/2 cents are nice

  3. $190 is dos muchos for those shoes. Those shoes are shit in person. Built with poor quality. Very Disappointing. Should be face valued at $125.

  4. shoes are more widely spread out than the first colorway makes the shoe much easier to cop. i got mines already classic shoe especially for those cold mild days

  5. I second purple haze. These shoes were disapointing. really overpriced. Be sure to check out "dead tone" in theaters sept 3rd

  6. Dead Tone

    A party. A prank phone call game. A lunatic on the other end of the line.

    What happens when the college students making these calls forget to dial *69, telling a mad man exactly who they are and where to find them? Soon the partying friends are trapped in a horrifying game of survival against someone hell-bent on ruining more than their night in a party house. Once the phone line goes dead, it’s too late to escape the fun and games this maniac has in mind.

    Based on a true story, Dead Tone stars Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner), Jud Tylor (Charlie Wilson's War, That 70s Show) Antwon Tanner (One Tree Hill), Brian Hooks (Fools Gold, Eve).