Best Halloween Shoes - Nike Dunk High Premium Glow In The Dark (1st)

With tomorrow marking Halloween, we conclude our Best Halloween Shoes posts with Nike’s Dunk High Premium Glow In The Dark coming in at the number one spot. The glow in the dark feature is nothing new to the sneaker scene, but Nike takes this concept to the next level by applying it to the upper. When dark, the entire upper glows making this release very unique and innovative. These released back in 2006 and have become harder and harder to find as the years pass, but they do pop up every now and then.

Please let us know what your thought about the Glow In the Dark Dunk High coming in at 1st, click here to leave a comment!


  1. Dissap0inted wit dis c0untd0wn….. I think sneakerfiles tried 2 switch thingz up cuz evryb0dy knew nd was expectin da kruegers nd dotd 2 b t0p 2.. Dnt agree wit dis list!

  2. I wore these to a halloween party 2 years ago, they looked mad good on the dance floor. Kinda mad that i let these go, coulda brought them back out tomorrow.

  3. all of your are corny as hell especially the guy who said the half and half air force ones should be first pfffffffffffft

  4. hahaha

    I'm very suprised these made 1st on the list

    hoenstly i have them and wore them 06 Halloween and never

    wore them again.

    cuz i thought they were really wack hahahahahha

  5. These kicks are a great pick for the best Halloween sneaker. The whole thing glows in the dark. Its one of the most unique kicks that have come out. If these would have been an SB release and had a nickname like "The Ninja Turtle Oozes" or the "Slimers" you would have all been BEASTING over these

    Good pick sneakerfiles

  6. FUCKIN RIGHTS! I still got a pair on ice, and I GOT A PAIR ON MY FEET RIGHT NOW!

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN, these glows are dope. fuck you haters

  7. The worst list in history. at least sneakerfiles isn't going 2 decide on the election b.cuz they will get that backwards 2. Freddy's should have been number 1

  8. these are hot but in my opinion the other glows are better. they look more green and have more style. these look a little too plain. still hot tho.


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