Bape 16th Anniversary Roadsta

To celebrate sixteen years of bathing apes, Bape has released 6 pairs of Bape Roadstas 16th Anniversary in combinations of pink, yellow, purple, blue, orange, and red colorways aside from the anniversary tee shirts. The Roadsta’s are made entirely of patent leather on the uppers, each with white midsoles with the air bubble. Of course the eclectic selection of colors is what makes these Bapes, but this time, for the sake of a celebration, a fiery text that reads an underlined “16” is featured on the back heel. These Roadsta’s are definitely great additions to any collector’s army, especially at a price of $180 each. Available now on Bape.

Via Bape.

Bape 16th Anniversary Roadsta

Bape 16th Anniversary Roadsta

Bape 16th Anniversary Roadsta

Bape 16th Anniversary Roadsta

Bape 16th Anniversary Roadsta

Bape 16th Anniversary Roadsta

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  1. im sorry too say this but getto black people that think they had swagg played bapes out….they still legit in my book

  2. fa**ot shoes

    doesnt anybody know color schemes like that are h*m*

    these are g*y men shoes

  3. I'm not sorry to say this but black people made sneaker culture popular. You probably spend all your allowance to dress like youre black. Oh wait, u said u was gonna cop the new Larry Birds? The Yao Mings? GTFOH!!!

  4. thats because black people would rather spend money on 30 shoes and walk looking cool rather than save up and buy a car.

  5. these are ok to me, I read on that Nigo sold bape. Has anyone heard about that. Go to UPALLNITE.TV and read up on it

  6. These are ugly as hell. The look like some reeboks. It makes sense as to why Nigo sold his company. I saw it on

  7. i would flip these joints. Its too bad lil wayne doesnt wear bapes anymore. He was a good face to have with that company. Does anyone know when his interview on up all nite is going to air

  8. First of all stop wit the blk ppl bullshit half of ya

    Probally suk kanye hard and pharrell and spanish kids r

    Jus hypebeasts all they used to rok was footlocker pumas

    Sum blk kids play shit out not all so jus dump it down