Have you been wondering what is inside of the APL Concept 1… What is ‘Load ‘N Launch’ technology exactly?

Typically you would have had to spend $300 to find out, until now. Take a look at the Concept 1’s dissection highlighting what the sneaker is comprised of and what the ‘Load ‘N Launch’ technology really is. APL claims the sneaker will increase your vertical leap right out the box. Upon inspection its clear that they literally put a springs in your step… very, very small springs…

Does it actually work or is it just the placebo effect taking place? Let us know if you’ve tried out the Concept 1 and if you have been able to increase your vertical.

Via Frandol


  1. Wow, the people over at LA Gear are kickin themselves for not putting this in the Catapults!! Would’ve helped Karl Malone get his fat self a lil higher!!


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