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  1. i like those air raids, but dont really like the others

    i hope they get the penny IIs out sooner

    cant wait for the chris paul shoes

  2. Them Air Raids are going to be the first hot retro of the year… depending on when they release them

  3. … and since invisibles aka see-throughs aka clears are so popular on the fake market, why isn't Nike making some more official ones? lol

  4. Air Burst… ooooh weeee!

    Flight Lite… it's about time!

    Huarche B… a must have!

  5. Nike should give more of a look to this release list of kicks because this is'nt a good one. Yes it's possibly the most retro's being released this year but c'mon. The hottest kicks are the Court Force white/gold swoosh with the multi-colored lace panneling, the Air Raid white with multi-colored mid-sole(I prefer the OG colorway myself), the Air Flight Low, and the best are the Air Zoom Flight Five B(the Jason Kidd's for the OG's who remember). The rest either need better colorways, or just plain BLOW. These hope it gets better than this. 3 **'s outta' 5.