Nike action sports 6.0 collection has used a punk band, Alkaline Trio, to incorporate the brand’s spirit in this latest kick, the Nike Air Zoom Cush, titled “Heart and Soul”. The new Dunk-esque Cush relates the band’s history through intricate details such as the Chicago Bulls inspired black/red colorway, in homage to Alkaline Trio’s Chicago roots as well as, the bike-tread graphics are a tribute to Alkaline Trio and their meeting as respective bike messengers.

Nike even went as far to mirror the vegetarian nature of each band member by using all synthetic upper. The shoes will appear at Jacks Retail Shop (Huntington Beach) on June 27th, with a nationwide rollout on July 11th.

Alkaline Trio x Nike 6.0 Heart and Soul Air Zoom Cush
Alkaline Trio x Nike 6.0 Heart and Soul Air Zoom Cush

Alkaline Trio x Nike 6.0 Heart and Soul Air Zoom Cush
Alkaline Trio x Nike 6.0 Heart and Soul Air Zoom Cush

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  1. Are you fucking kidding me?!?!

    This site will put up any shit, and when i say shit, i mean SHIT!

    Anything Nike 6.0 gets ZERO respect from me. It is getting obvious as hell this site is being run by some fat ass, suburb living, white dude. Straight up bullshit.

  2. R u ForEal these may not b the best but 6.0's GO HArd ii got me a Pair them ColORful ONes and they iis LIVEee PleasE stOp hAtiiN

  3. Hey J Money get off your high horse. 6.0's being represented by a punk band is a great turn for nike. I'm definitely getting a pair of these.

  4. J Money= Jdummy

    I bet he couldnt even get his hnds on pair of these if he tried…thats some in depth reporting on shoes you check other sites and they ant got these shoes…he's hatin on 6.0s I bet he cant even name another pair of 6.0s…these exclusive…yes sir

  5. I feeling u J-money, that is funny ass comment.

    Shoes are kinda wack…not feeling them.

  6. I feeling u J-money, that is some funny ass comment.

    Shoes are kinda wack…not feeling them.

  7. if it not a Sb or AF1 the sneaker will get alot of hate. But I like them. You have to change your style up once in a while.

  8. yo, J Money

    you sayin' white people don't know anything about Sneakers or fashion?

    way to be a racist jackass…

    yeah, 6.0 is the generic Nike Skate shoe, but at least they're doin' something and trying to branch out…

    I'm white, and I've probably got a better collection than you could ever obtain, so shove your racist comments up your ass…

  9. They dropped today at Ground Zero Boardshop in Roseville, CA. They look even better in person. It's a Dunk silhouette with a different sole. It's crazy light and the upper is all vegan friendly synthetic.


    fuck all u ppl that don't like them

    i mean i don't like nikes at all really. but i mean its ALKALINE TRIO!!!!!!

    come on people u have to love this shit

  11. Just got my Trio shoes in the mail. Much better in person than in pictures. i cant understand all the negativity on the boards about these shoes from Trio fans. How often does a band make shoes? This is a punk rock first and a bonus for us that love the band as much as our nikes.

  12. Alkaline trio is sweet and all, but Nike? Really? I'm just a little disappointed that my favourite band is, by proxy, using sweatshop labor. If some other worker/union-friendly company were to make some wicked ak3 shoes I'd be the first in line, but these nike kicks kinda make me sick…