The blueprint of the Air Jordan statement shoe is sketched at least 20 months before product launch. Working from his homeland on Oregon’s Gearhart Beach, Tinker Hatfield dipped his pen in company ink in November of 2005 to conceive this early mock up of the Air Jordan XX3:

Air Jordan XX3 Blueprint by Tinker Hatfield

The Air Jordan XX3 (23) was unveiled to the public last Tuesday at Nike’s New York headquarters. A rousing presentation of branded Michael Jordan video and anecdotal homage was cast by a panel of Tier-0 staff.

 (L:R- Tinker Hatfield, Gentry Humphrey, Hannah Jones, Roman Vega)

Tinker Hatfield,Gentry Humphrey,Hannah Jones,Roman Vega

Most attendees at the Air Jordan XX3 unveiling represented mainstream media outlets who covered the event for what it was. Sneaker Files would have done the same, but a live Q’ and A’ forum emerged in the room following the Jordan XX3 presentation. Questions were posed by representatives from media powerhouses such as CNN and Market Watch. Mainstream media outlets relay sneaker information in Layman’s terms for the world to comprehend, as the masses are not likely to read about a “hypothetical” concept discussion about the emerging Air Jordan XX4.

A few hours following the event, Sneaker Files published a news break that the Air Jordan XX4 (24) had been “conceived.” Perhaps we ignorantly overshadowed the Air Jordan XX3 launch by publishing the Air Jordan XX4 “conceived” buzz item. Our Jordan XX4 story from last week was not a lead of misinformation or unnecessary hype. The leaders of Brand Jordan confirmed that work towards the Air Jordan XX4 is progressing in a form other than the imaginary.

Meet Gentry Humphrey (right), Footwear Business Director for the Jordan Brand, and Tinker Hatfield (left) Vice President of Nike Innovation, Design, and Special Projects:

Tinker Hatfield and Gentry Humphrey from Nike Air Jordan Brand

Speaking about the Air Jordan XX4 last Tuesday at the unveiling of the Air Jordan XX3, Gentry repeated and rebutted his previous statement, “If I’m around, it’s going to end at (Jordan shoe, number) 23.” Gentry conceded, stating “I said that thinking that I would be doing something else… Now that I’m here, I think that because of the legacy we created, it’s incumbent upon us to continue to set the benchmark for the industry.”

And so my friends, this is why we open our Sneaker Files

Tinker Hatfield candidly elaborated on Gentry’s words:

“It’s true that we’ve been working on a statement basketball shoe for the Jordan line, and we have a team on it. But we don’t really know (and Michael doesn’t know…) how it’s going to materialize.”

Tinker continued, “There’s ongoing design work, you bet there is!” Adding, “Personally, I’m not so sure there should be a XX4.”

Tinker Hatfield from Nike Air Jordan Brand

Finally, Tinker mentioned how it’s up to our reader reactions to determine the future of Brand Jordan. Believe it or not, your comments right here on Sneaker Files and other forums of new media are being read, tracked, and considered by Nike and the Jordan Brand.

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  1. Dont think they should have a xx4,leaving here would be best i think. wen iz t xx3 commercials goin 2 be online cos i cant find tem.

  2. i'm a big jordan fan not only the shoes but the man himself but i think its better to stop at 23 and make other jordan product for other players cause i think the brand itself has already build up its own legacy and now its time for other current players to continue the legacy thru how they play the game just like mj himself

  3. You can still have an Air Jordan basketball shoe each year without calling XX4, XX5, ect.

    Let the numbers stop at xx3 and next yeat invent a new MJ Signature BB shoe.

  4. OF COURSE THEY SHOULD CONTINUE!!!!!!!i think that they need to continue in with jordan brand and the XX4….and if jordan brand is reading this

    PLEASE im begging you PLEASE can you release the black/infrared VIs and black/silver XVIIs

    black/red IVs and white XIXs

    spacejam XIs and black/red XIIs


  5. no, just stop at XX3, the legacy needs to go on through the athaletes of today who are on jordan brand, melo, chris paul, ect. the XX3 is the perfect way to end it, and with all the packages and special releases on this special year, there is no need to continue with numbered jordans….

  6. First of all :

    I love M.J. and all he's done for this sport of our's.

    I only buy Jordan brand products and to even think of no longer having a new sig' sneaker every Feb, would be heart breaking. "MIKE", Not every one liked the XI, XIII, or even the IV, to begin with….. I was there for all of them and have loved each and every one of them in there own respective unique ways. " I know you'll do what's best for you." NOBODY DOES IT BETTER, PERIOD Thank's mike. Until the XX4. PEACE

  7. They're not gonna dead a cash cow like the Air Jordan line. What they're probably gonna do delay a few years, flood the interwebs with rumors and possible designs, get the hype to feverish pace, and five or six years later (maybe MJ's NBA 30 year anniversary), they'll "bring back" the Air Jordan to "usher in a new era" and all that other marketing garbage. The XX4 will cost at least 2 bills, and in the mean time they'll keep putting out the retro joints. Watch.


    Hopefully Brand J. can bring designs that are worth purchashing by coming up with btter desiiiigns cause lately originality is lacking

  9. Even if there is no Air Jordan shoe called the XX4, they will continue to produce a new $170 plus shoe every year anyway.

    NOT giving that shoe a name which follows the continuity of previous models weakens it's link to past Air Jordan shoes.

    They may as well keep on numbering them.

  10. 23 is enough considering retros that are being released & color ways of the Jordan line that have not been ……IThink JB needs to focus on Team Jordan & make TarrelOwens & the rest of the roster there own Signature line of shoes …. Many of use grew up watching Jordan but think there are many growing up watching Mike Bibby & Chris Paul as well as the other Team Jordan athleats …Micheal Jordan will never be forgoten let team Jordan carry the torch now ….IWould love to wear a Jason Taylor Signiture shoe or the Owen's II just for example

  11. yo any 1 know wen t air jordan xx3 commercial iz comming out!!!! do you know…do you know…do you know… :)

  12. Yeah JB should Stop and finsh the sig for good with all the count downs why add more numbers? and PS bring back cookies n Cream IV's and BORDEAUX 7's

  13. "Now that I’m here, I think that because of the legacy we created, it’s incumbent upon us to continue to set the benchmark for the industry."

    Translated… Jordan Brand is SCREWED after we release the 23 and make retros more limited. We have to make money somehow!

  14. I think JB should stop. too much of anything is never good and since we know MJ more by his number 23 than his 45, they should leave it at 45. if they continue on lets see here


    thats almost TWICE the number of air jordan shoes that came out. do you honestly think its that easy to make different designs like that? honestly if they do continue on i highly doubt they will go up to 45.

    JB. if you read this, alot of people are STUPID. they will buy RETROS even if the shoe cost 300+. you want to keep making money? keep releasing retros. wont be gettin any of mine though tell you that much.

  15. I don't buy JB shoes anymore because while the price continues to go up, the quality goes down. That and the whole trend of "fusing" a popular Jordan sneaker with the even more populer AF1 has destroyed the innovation and originality that the brand had built over the years.

  16. I think they should stop at 23!!! That was MJ's jersey number and all and if you can't see the correlation in stopping at 23, you don't have a knack for seeing irony. 23 different types of shoes for the Number 23, WOW AMAZINGLY EASY AND UNDERSTANDABLE. And if yall are listening i need another Defining Moments Package!! DMP 2!!!

  17. Continue on with the Jordan legacy. It's obvious it's still the #1 selling shoe by far. I love the fact that you continue to release retros, so I can catch up on the ones I missed out on in the past. Keep making nice Air Jordans. I'll keep buying them.

  18. just keep releasin retros wit OG colors and new 1s. i think those will continue 2 sell out in most store.But da big thing is. u shud b able 2 buy da packages seperate, cuz i dnt wanna spend $700 plus on 2 pairs of shoes. i think u shud buy dat shoe u want seperate. i dnt wnt them shitter ass 9s

  19. I just wanna be heard please Jordan Brand stop releasing sneakers at high exclusiveness or put them in a package I mean I'm sure all the collectors who have been collectiong all there lives will be satisfied but what about the teens that are the future of Jordan Brand that will let the legacy go on there's no need to take all of my favorite shoes in my favorite colorway and package them with another pair for 300$ when I only want 1 shoe plus if you haven't noticed Jordan Brand whatever you put out WILL sell it's always been like that so why do you CONSTANTLY put out incredibly exclusive sneakers for a ridicuosly high price and only the people who've been in it since the start to get them when soon we'll be the ones camping out early why not just make Jordan's back into what they used to be a.

    nice sneaker. the more exclusive it gets the worst the brand will get later on

  20. ITS PRETTY BLATANT that Robert doesn't know the definition of the word PACKAGE, DUMBASS!!!!. A PACKAGE generally means multiple, more than ONE!!!

  21. They should have stop at xx3 and not continue after that except with the retros and maybe the team concepts.

  22. Stop at 23, leave the game at its peak~ It only make sense to stop @ 23. 23 years for the love of Air Jordans. Our love for Mike is eternal~

  23. I think there should be a 24 Air Jordan sneaker. Being a big Jordan Brand fan, I would be sad to see the line stop at 23.

  24. basically just make retros and more team basketball shoes, and stop at number 23. 24 wouldnt make sense if they made it, i mean what are they gonna based the 24 on? a hummer?.

  25. I want the 24 too. It actually doesn't make sense to stop at 23. That is sad. If your love for Jordan is eternal, than so should the shoes. There needs to be a current pinnacle game shoe for the generations to come because when this retro trend passes you'll be forced to rely on what's new, and if it's not there then you'll be forced to bring it back at some time. Technology is alway's moving forward no matter what the trend is, and that's exactly what the Air Jordan has been about. When everybody decides to leave the past behind and move forward it will make sense.


  26. stop. i don't think that the new jays get much apperication as the retro's. u drop the retro's they sold out. u look at the new models, they still n stores. i don't go pass 14 myself. some of the other the ones after the 14's was cool like the 17's but not a classic like the 13's or the mid 11's or the 3's.

  27. Well, normally I dont post, but I feel it is important to have my word put out there too, I feel that JB needs to end the numbered jordans at 23, the 23 would loose all its importance as a symbol of what michael was and is, if they continue onto to the xx4, I feel that they should still introduce their new shoe every feb. but not have it be numbered, rather it be named. The retroes need to never stop, there is always a beginning colector out there who needs to experience all the great shoes JB has to offer, the numbered series must stop at the 23, JB's legacy will never die, but it is time to pass the torch to other JB team members such as Melo, Chris Paul, TO, Mike Bibby and many others, just do not stop the retro-ing and stop at the 23

  28. I believe it should stop at 23! It is the number that every Jordan fan, or every person that recognizes Michael Jordan associates him with. Continuing with the numbers, 24,25, and so on, I feel would almost tarnish the legacy that has been established. I think Jordan Brand should allow the fans that have collected Jordan's over the year's to be able to treasure what they have.

  29. **much respects to Tinker Hatfield, he always surprises everyone with his amazung designs form the Jordans to the Air-max 1, all great and historic shoes

  30. huge jordan fan…brand, him as a player, etc…..but i strongly feel they should stop @ 23….they shuld stop wile theyre ahead n jus end the legacy….its only rite seemings how his number was 23

  31. I agree with most people here,Jb should stop at the 23's and continue to bring out retroes,fusions,and .5s.I love the Jordan Brand as much as the next guy,but stppoing at the 23's would seriously solitify your place in history,and we all know if they don't come out with a 24 they still are going to make a killing with all the other Jordans.

  32. stop in 23 alreadi!!! before you totally ruin jordan brand!!!! the collection fine alreadii.. just make some jumpman brand or like kinda spizike thing you noe… imo.

  33. I am undecided on the subject. I started buying Jordans as a kid that went from buying for an image to buying as an adult and looking at the shoes more as a legacy then just something i want people to see me in. MJ is personally a hero of mine and no shoe can and ever will be able to match up to any Jordan shoe. Stoppping at 23 almost sends chills down my spine but they cant go on forever i mean we all wanted Jordan to ball in Washington but he was never the same and it shouldnt be like that with his shoe. I will say one thing urban kids is buying these why do they have to be so much Michael JB they all have to know who is really buying these shoes. other than that please keep it going my kids have to be able to wear Jordans!!!!!

  34. i would love to see the legacy continue, however i love to see new developments in the sole unit… i want to see a brand push a new technology. i think it would be a shame to kill the Jordan series. ps brand jordan you can give me a job if you want.

  35. It only makes sense for them to continue. And they have to keep it fllowing with XX4 cause only the numbered Js people care about.

  36. i dont really know. all i know is that the 23's are hot and if you make that the last one its alright. but can you please make more retroes. and lower the price for the count down packages.

  37. I say bring on tha 24 and keep it goin after that. All these clowns sayin jus release retros, how long do you expect JB to keep releasing 23 different pairs of sneakers? Get real. I say keep it pushin. I look forward to a new Jordan release every year. New numbered J's, Fusions, Spizikes, I'm happy wit what yall got goin on. XV's was dumb weak tho.

  38. but if u r 2 continue the brand i want 2 see something that more creative and stylish because the 23s look like a rip off of adidas or reebok basketball shoes

  39. OF COURSE THEY SHOULD CONTINUE!!!!!!!i think that they need to continue in with jordan brand and the XX4….and if jordan brand is reading this

    PLEASE im begging you PLEASE can you release the black/infrared VIs and black/silver XVIIs

    black/red IVs and white XIXs

    spacejam XIs and black/red XIIs


  40. There's no need to discuss that kind of question – should or shouldn't stop at XX3. Since the brand is called "Jordan brand". Numbered Jordan(s) started one of the most influential phenomenons in World's sports history. So there must be new one every year. Because people should know that there's the best shoe in the basketball shoe industry – the Air Jordan and every year it shows them the reach of human capabilities. And it's not only about shoe, it's not about Michael, it's about evolution of the human mind. There's always need for inspiration, need for something that sets the pace and is emblem of the times – for many of us this is the Air Jordan game shoe (numbered Air Jordan).

  41. no, don't release a XX4. let the numbered line end there, and just focus on coming out with HIGH QUALITY team jordans, melos, and CP3's. up till now there have been no melos with a carbon fiber shank, and the CP3's don't have it either. and other than the enhancers soon to come out i can't remember the last time i saw a carbon fiber plate on a team jordan


  43. Since,JB MIGHT read this,I would like to say that the quality is lacking in their products. Lets step up your game up alright? My Aqua VIII's are…holding up. If you put out number XX4,you will have to go up to XLV. I have a lot to say,so I am going to stop. Bring out the Hares,Bordeaux's,Bred XI's and Columbia XI's on the near future.

  44. keep makin the jordans…without these sneaks there would be no more anticipation for jordans…i would be so disappointed if JB stopped at 23

  45. Release a new signature Jordan, but don't name it and market it as the XX4. Call it the Jordan Game Shoe or something…

  46. Dont stop.. I want my kids to rock jordans and i can tell them stories about how great MJ was and still is..

  47. 23 is good enough. I think it would be nice if JB created a 24 but… just doesnt feel right. Jordans legacy ya kno…

  48. JB should drop Melo or add LeBron and end at XX3. Next year make the Air Jordan LBJ or Air Jordan Melo and let a new legacy take off.

  49. if jordan brand is reading

    plz retro more 3s 4s 5s 6s 7s 8s 11s 12s 13s 14s 17s 18s 19s and a cuple 21s.. especially the 13s… PLZZZZZ and and bring bak single retros. packages are Money$$$$

  50. How about u mix up abunch of the shoes for the 24s like spizikes but much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE..pLEASE pLEASE..

  51. What yall should is make a shoe that's strictly for the court. It's great that you can have shoes you can style in off the court, but people who play ball would like a shoe that has EVERYTHING they need to perform at an all time high every chance they get.

  52. After reading every ones posts I've cocluded that…

    Although personally the xx3's aren't the nicest jordans out there, they should be the final NUMBERED air jordan(no xx4's)

    I think to keep Jordan Brand going they have to make something to replace the numbered air jordans with something like…

    The Air Jordan Player

    A shoe releasing every allstar break worn by athletes sponsored by Jordan, Many pe's should come out of them, and they have to be good for basketball and stillhot

    These new shoes have to be rare, in nice and original colors, like maybe have the 4th air jordan player come in military blue, and the 8th come in aqua.

    I hope what I've said helps.

    I love you JB

  53. I think it should end here. Right now In my opinion the numbered Jordans are about to seriously peak this is due to the fact that in the area that Jordan were made popular the urban communities are starting to drift away due to knocks offs and the people that dont wear knock off are reluctant to buy authentics because they are looking alot like knocks. All these terrible designs and colorways are actually giving fuel to the knockoff industry.. in addition to the terrible designs "JB!" but..Now if Jordan brand sign lebron James that would be a diffrent story.. Carmelo is a good player.. But I would put him in league top ten.. Chris Paul This kid is awesome. but .. Fact of the matter.. There is only one person that can fill MJ's shoes. Some may say its Kobe.. But..Its Lebron James. PERIOD. In addition all good things come to an end. And what better time then now.. Because if this continues eventually numbered Jordans will stay on the shelf like carmelos. And I would hate to see that happend. Jordan should go back and release.. His hotteset colorways.. from 1 to 23 Included ever color or the VI's Thanks Tinker… Best Jordan designer ever.. And leave it at that.

  54. A lot of us including myself would LOVE for Jordan to stop at shoe XX3, but let's get real folks. Nike makes a significant portion of their revenue from the Jordan brand, so we cannot seriously ask Nike to stop making money on new Jordan's and find some other sneaker or reinvent some new line to make money from. As long as people like us are buying, they are going to making new Jordan's. I think we as buyers, have to make a conscious decision to stop buying at some point if that's what we want to do and I personally plan to stop at the XX3's and I will only collect retro's after that.

  55. I think they should stop at XX3. That is what they said they would do and I think they should stick to it. If they stop the XX3 will be one of the most popular and sout after shoes ever. If they dont it will seem like they created a bunch of hype just for sales, and it will be just another shoe in the line. I for one am already upset about the release locations of the limited XX3's, I kind of feel betrayed as a Jordan collector. I think they need to stop making things so limited. All the limited items are just making jerks rich on eBay who buy sneakers and dont even know anything about them or collect them, they just wanna make money. However, I am a huge Jordan fan and being the sucker that I am will keep buying them as long as JB is making them.

  56. im not sure what jordan brand should but whatever decision they make it will be a good choice and ill support it. and if jordan is reading this i hope you guys make the hares in the 7/16 package as similar to the original release hares as possible. multi colored tongue and everything. also please dont stop releasing single pack retros. i like packages and all but i am a fan of the single packs as well because there are some retros that should be sold individually like Bordeauxs 7.

  57. Wow, If This Is What The 24's Are Supposed To Look Like, They Should just Stop Now, They Already Gon Damage The Look Of JB With The 23's, They Gon Make Shit Worse If These Come Out


  59. Mike i know that the legacy has started and everybody is buying your shoes but i think you should go on because everybody love your shoe and i like the drawing so just go on and do it pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  60. STOP AT 23, and start another line of Air Jordans wit #'s, becuz if it dnt stop at 23 when will it, itll jus die out eventually, i buy every pair i like, all at least 1 of evry retro, tha fusions, tha .5's, lovem all, i plan on gettn tha white n black XX3's. tha line is perfect from 1 thru 23, and tha stories with em is tha tha same, start a second line, take it 2 a whole nother level, im on 4 tha ride, but leave this legacy at 23

  61. It should def end at XX3. It wouldn't be right saying, " Yo i'm getting the XXXVII, they are butter." Keep Jordans exclusive and end it now.

    Oh yeah, re drop dem grapes.

  62. The 23's aren't as bad as people make them out to be…I personally love the Blk/Red colorway…

    But Jordan Brand is pushing it by releasing the 24 and on…

    I'd say stop at the 23, and just keep going as they were before. This means just keep retroing the older jordans. Don't make wacky looking pairs with vibrant colors and laces either.

    Jordan Brand should release the following shoes over the course of a few years (like 5 years)

    I'd love to see retros for the:

    Metallic Colorway 1's (highs! , NOT mids!)

    Hightop 2's (with the white midsole)

    Blk/Cement 3's

    True Blue 3's

    Blk/red 4's

    Cement 4's

    Oreo 4's

    Colombia 4's

    Laney 5's

    Carmine 6's

    Blk/ Infrared 6's (OG 3M material)

    Wht/Infrared 6's

    Wht/September Blue 6's

    Blk/Silver low 6's

    Bordeux 7's

    Hare 7's

    Raptor 7's

    Wht/Red 8's

    Powder Blue 9's

    Blk/Olive 9's

    Blk/Charcoal 9's

    Cool Grey 9's

    City Series 10's (limit them to the citys again)

    Powder Blue 10's

    Steel X's (with toebox)

    Blk/Red 11's

    Spacejam 11's

    Wht/Concord 11's

    Wht/Colombia 11's (blue gum sole)

    Cool Grey 11's

    Wht/Citrus Low 11's

    Snakeskin Low 11's

    Wht/Red 12's

    Blk/Red 12's

    White/Black 12's

    Obsidian Blue/ Wht 12's

    Wht/French Blue 12's

    Blk/White 12's

    Blk/Red 13's

    White/Red 13's ( Not the Package Ones)

    Blk/Red/Wht (playoff) 13's

    Wht/Flint Blue 13's

    Blk/Blue/Wht Low 13's

    Blue/White Low 14's(nubuck)

    Ginger Low 14's (nubuck)

    Wht/Grey 15's

    Wht/Purple 15's (P.E.)

    Wht/Baby Blue 15's

    Thats how I feel, atleast.

  63. TO SneakerFiles….thanks for posting this article. Finally some real proof to the rumor of the XX4. As inevitable as it may be, the XX4 is a reality, and I look forward to it since I have been a Jordan fan for my entire life.

    Please do not make a wack shoe when you do make the XX4. That's all i ask.

  64. JB LOOK @ ME!!!!!!!!!! lol nah but personally i think that if they ultimatly wind up stoppin they should go 2 aj45…i dont want em 2 stop cuz im n hi skool rite now & i wanna work 4 jb after college but even tho 23s the legacy # they should do @ least 45 as a tribute 2 mjs hi skool # and the # he wore comin back after his dads death

  65. JB, please stop at the XX3 so we can remember the legacy. I remember growin up as i kid an thinking i wonder will they go to XX3, and stop. If u go past XX3 uve lost the point of the signature line. I feel JB should release those that have not seen the market againt like the XVI those models, then start ova from I-XX3 in OG retro color ways. Let the future come in, but know jordan brand will never go anywhere.

  66. ^^Fr35h^^ I like your list. There are some I would take out, but I would LOVE to see those White/ORANGE IIIs drop! I would pay $250 for them.

    And release those Cement III's too. That's the freshest sneaker of them all.

  67. neverr stopp dontt stopp but you see they have to makee jordans from da old dayss noww these jordanss isss ewwwww nasty…..21 throw 23 now they dontt look likee something the jordan company would do…anywayss afterr this i think in 2009 and 2010 theeyy should retro 1 thru 20 andd after just keep going andd make hott sneakers

  68. hey mike, why stop something great. continue with this legacy, i dont care if you stop at the XX3 but please dont stop making retros. think of those fokes who just started collecting like me, i wanna have a big collection.


  69. I say they take a break for one year and retro alot more shoes. They already had past success and I think they should let everyone who didn't get a chance for to get some other rare shoes be able to purchase them. They need 1 year to re-retro mostly all the jordans they didnt retro. Then they should hit us with the 24's ! Behold the shoes after the legend…

  70. regardless of what JB says more and more shoes are going to come out with Jordans name on it so i think they should just stop at 23 bcuz its "23" and then just keep the retroes coming in different colors and dont over do the releases like they did with the SE lowtop 11's they should just drop a limited amount of nice retroes and go on with other projects

  71. p.s. Chris Paul is raw on the court

    why did u guys make him such an ugly shoe? He doesnt deserve that!… ahhhhahahaha

  72. if you guys keep going then what number will you stop at? and i think you should bring back retros in not wacky colors and just go simple

  73. i always kinda new that our comments were being considered, why else would they let photos of prototypes leak, so they can hear what ppl hav to say bout them.


    Black/Infrared VIs

    Black/Red 13s

    and PLEASE make more retro jordans (I,III,IV,V,VI,VII,XII,XIII,XIV) wit some PURPLE IN IT! dats like one of tha most beautiful colorway fo a shoe dat only came out in some. like make it a secondary color, lot of it, but base color black or white. thank you. and STOP at 23. it only do make sense. i say u retro more.. and do bring down prices some. thanks

  75. I think 4 the Air Jordan XX4 they should mix all the shoes up into 1 some how. think about it

  76. wow dats nothing like da 23s

    n i think they shouldn stop cuz i bet 90% of ull wish "man y did they have 2 stop at 23 i want more" cuz after 23s come out ur gona miss havin nu jordan come out every year(beside da team jordans)

  77. Hey Mike and Tink, I think that you should continue the legacy. Its not about what number to stop at or when to stop. I go on the site atleast once a day to see new release to buy. Air Jordans are the only shoe i buy, and i dont know if i would be able to even think abot having to buy other shoes if you guys did stop at xx3 or xx4. I dont have every jordan but if you stop then eventually i will and i want to be able to buy jordans for the rest of my life. I want my kids to buy, and their kids. So you cant stop at xx3 or xx4, continue the legacy of the greatest basketball player to step onto the court. Thanks

  78. i want to go to 45 but im hurt that jordan brand is makin it harder to get retros because ive always worn jordans but when i was little i didnt understand the magnitude of the shoes on my feet!!! its not fair to jordan heads in my generation…

  79. my god 113 comments on this ho? until i hear tinkers words on audio i dont believe this for a minute. why in the hell would Jordan Brand pay thousands of dollars for a Jordan 23 conference to talk about the Jordan 24 – just doesnt make sense to me…

  80. I think the Air Jordan Signature Line should stop at 23, cause there really is no point in continuing on seeing as 23 is Michael Jordan's true jersey number; forget 45. As for Jordan Brand, I believe having a yearly release of a top of the line bb sneaker under the Jordan Brand would be awesome, for even though it isn't part of the signature line, it'll give all Jordan fans the ability to pick up Jordan Brand's newest and latest technologicaly advanced sneaker. And Tinker's idea of a "Michael Jordan Statement Sneaker" sounds great; if they pull this off im gunna be excited.


  82. i think the legacy should stop at 23 like when u have a retro card it shudnt pass 23 but there shud b some sort of new trend like start over again make new number uptade shyt make it interestin.. the 23 shud b the end of the old count and start a new count not a team jordan just a new count… 2 give it sum meaning put sum story behind it.. ill tell u dis much lil bit of limitin and theyll sell out

  83. Man they need to stop at 23. Mad people are wearing jordans and calling them self sneaker heads. sometimes i want to buy a brand new Jays but like i know everybody is going to have them on for at least a couple month

    What they need to do is only retro one shoe every year!

  84. do whatever makes money…that would be the #d jordans, and take into cosideration making every .5 and fusion model

  85. Stop now….and only release limited retros…..Shoes like the XX2 and XX1 are only primarly worn for basketball purposes…so stop at XX3 let players like lebron and melo(JB) release there shoes and release limited retros…upping the value

  86. All these humans born in the '90s don't understand!!!!!!!!!! They think that it's sweet to continue on with numbering the jordans every year! Coming out with a 24 and beyond is a disgrace to the Jordan Legacy…A spit in the face to REAL collectors…Back in the early '90s(like 1990-91) all us junior h.s and High School kids didn't have a doubt in our minds that 23 would be the last shoe..which would be special and perfect ending.

    All you new collectors..catch up with this 2nd chance you all are getting with JB releasing shoes you wouldn't have a chance getting!!!! Appreciate this 2nd chance! Even more..appreciate how a few Retros look identical to the OG's(bad move by JB)…

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO @ all you dudes born 1988-90's

    Ya'll don't appreciate a damn thing..and need to be schooled at what it was like to cop a OG pair of Jordans.

    LMAOooooooooooo @ Retro +'s..

    Stop at 24 or the respect for the Jordan creation is out the window.

  87. Really think they should stop at 23, maybe they could make 3 different models of the 23 that have some of grounding of the same concept but they focus on different parts of his life:

    the 23 of right now: his life after basketball

    the 23's next: his college years

    the 23's of last: bring it back the time of his prime years the chicago bulls

    23 is such a good number maybe they could just throw out the 15's and move the rest of the numbers back one…lol just kidding


  89. stop at 23 quite while you ahead. let the new players carry it on. i think the chis puals could be huge if you drop some dope colorways. keep producin retros but put the nike air on it. too many damn jumpman symbols these days. only on the tag please.

  90. just stop @ 23. should have stopped when the man stopped playin anyways..but i understand wanting to have the 20th anniversary shoe then make'n it to 23…but i think they should stop. they have retro,fusions,other jordan signature players shoes,plus all the other jordan brand team shoes etc…the late model jordans dont even sell as well as the retros like other people have said so why even waste the effort? the 23 will sell because its the 23…but besides that the new shit is just….

    if its not obvious that people would rather see the retros then a new air jordan i dont know..

  91. JB should stop at XX3 because if they continue all the jordans shoes that follow will hit the sales rack just like XIV-XX2 and it will water down the legacy! The only reason the XX3 will do well is because is a special number, regardless if JB continues the jordan line this will be my last number Jordan, plus what's the point of having CP & Melo JB should focused on them now and in new talent that kids now can relate to, why would they buy numbered J's for $185+ especially if MJ himself never play in them when they can get Team Jordans, DWaydes,Lebrons, Kobe's(even thou the're wack), Gil's or any other Brand shoes for more less? Peace!!!!

  92. idc what shoes yall make.u need a website wit all the jordans even if its like 200 each cuz some of us need da ones we missed.and maybe jordanid u kno kinda like nikeid..but jordans should go higher than 23 cuz the legacy got messed wit the 22.we need some more tinker hatfield shoes cuz the other people at jb dont kno what the hell they r doin.tinker makes sweet shoes not that stupid shit

  93. stop at 23 no more original colorways should get retroed.u make it 2 easy 4 the suckers that dont really no bout this and for all u imposters that think its about retros every new air jordan is better than the last.

    carol city


  94. I think it would be best to stop at 23 because eventhough he had 45 as his number, 23 was just it's own trademark. I say just stop at 23 and start up something new with the brand Jordan.

  95. i think they should stop at 23 even though he wore 45 he was a legend with the number 23 is whole basketball career highschool to the pros so i think they should re retro 16-23 at least one original colorway of each and keep coming out with 1-23 diffrent colorways so we could keep the legacy going.

    miami,fl holla at me jordan brand cause me my two brothers got ideas for the nike and jordan future

    ps.22+23=45=ultimate century package should be the last jordan shoes (954)643-3906 holla

  96. i agree with what BTK and integrad1 said. after the XIVs the non retro has just been average . if yall do make 24s please make them worth it like the retros and ogs.

  97. I think they should stop at the XX3s. I think they should just have some annual release that is the new top of the line basketball shoe from Jordan and not have it as part of the signature line, but jus a whole new line of high performance shoes. And the thing Tinker said about a statement sneaker sounds cool, hopefully theyll do something lik that

  98. I`m a big Jordan fan. I`ve been buying them since I was about ten years old. I`ve gotten most of them,I`ve missed some(honestly,you can`t always get them all).But I think that you should stop at 23. His legacy does live on,but Nike must move on. The retro craze will still be there whether Nike and Brand Jordan releases them or not. The retro trend started with sneakerheads, and it will end with sneakerheads. Most people have only half the knowledge of the Jordan history. I`m talking about design,inspiration,legacy,the whole nine. Stopping at 23 will alow us ,the ones in the know,let the next generation that are satnding in lines,camping out,starting near-riots for the product know about the man and the legacy that he left. The youth that are buying the re-release,fakes,team Jordans have only seen clips of what the man did in these shoes. They need to know that this is more than a shoe with nice colorways,but a shoe that has revolutionized basketball forever.This shoe boosted Nike into god-like status. Besides the Air Force One,This is the MOST IMPORTANT SHOE LINE IN THE WORLD! So stop at 23 and let the rest of the world catch up and learn.

  99. Bordeaux! Bordeaux! Bordeaux! Bordeaux! Bordeaux! Bordeaux! Bordeaux! Bordeaux! Bordeaux! Bordeaux! Bordeaux! Bordeaux! Bordeaux! Bordeaux! Bordeaux! Please!!!

  100. i think they should just stop at 23. 3 key numbers of jordans career are 9,23, and 45. already passed 9 and 45 is just too much. 23 would be the perfect shoe to stop at.

    they should let lebron, kobe, etc. take some shine after the Jordan legacy.

  101. jordan brand should stop at 23…..and i agree with releasing more retros….especially the rare colorays that havent come out in years…that would be nice

  102. i say leave at 23. i mean he made his name on 23. keeping coming out with retros, mix it up a lil bit, then i say drop a SPECIAL jordan XLV to honor him coming back in the number. i also agree with pushing the Team jordan, like Release those Colors the PROS wear! like ray allen, mike bibby, jason taylor,

  103. I have to say that at 23 they should think about stopping or something cuz mad ppl make fun of jordans by saying shit like yo u copped the 47's if u know wat i mean so i suggest u stop at 23 but the 24 jordan should be like not the real signature series but more on the side of like extra series ssuch as jordan signature plus or w/e

    but the XXIIII with tinker is gonna be nice

    Tinker is the REASON why I LOVE SNKRS

  104. Plz continue making the jordan line I want the xx4 to come out and more every year I was born in 1985 when jordan came out and since then my parents bought me a pair every year until I could buy my own when I foind out that they were goin 2 stop at 23 it felt like some1 punched the air out of me jordans r more than a shoe it somethin that makes me happy when ever something was goin wrong in my life I would wait for that shoe to come out and it would make everything go away buying a new pair makes me feel like a million dollars I love shoes and if they stop making jordans I believe I would b done collecting I grew up watching michael jordan as a kid he was my hero I didn't watch cartoons I watched the bulls games with my dad and brother now the only thing I have left from those good time are the shoes my hero wore every memory I have I always remember by wat shoe I wore that day I even met my soon to b wife buyin a pair of iv she was buying them 2 I know a lot of people want it 2 stop some want it 2 keep going just do it for the real jordan fans that have woke up early waiting in that cold chicago winter line waiting 4 a pair please continue the jordan line keep makin retros all that good stuff just don't make so many retros at 1 time maybe 1 per month but keep the greatest shoe alive I know some1 is gonna talk crap about wat I wrote but that's the way I feel and if brand jordan reads this I hope they listen 2 me

  105. i think 23 is a good stop….for now and then jus cum back with 45 n start with the space jams my favs !!!

  106. I say keep it goin. If tha man wore 37,yall would want it to go til then. How would tha 24 kill tha legacy? In my opinion, tha 15 coulda kiled it for me, but I stuck wit JB, and they've done me right since then. Tha legacy is everything that makes him MJ. Tha shoes and what he did on tha court. He started this sneaker game, why stop? I want my kid's kids able to wear a numbered Jordan. But if they wanna quit tha numbered line, end it at 45. Maybe even 72. Best record in NBA history.

  107. Even though I have a dream of teaming up with JB and helping with a creative sneaker, I still think I'd agree with Tinker. Stop at 23. If anything, I'd say go back and continue making "remixes" to all of the previous numbers. I don't know – Just an idea! Hope to work with you guys in the near future!!

  108. Oh I forgot to add that JB can always just skip a few years of no new numbers, and then all of a sudden just burst out with the 24s, then the 25s, and so on and so on! I think this would be a huge surprise to everybody! And the 2nd time around, maybe that numbers will stop at 45!

  109. I think thats a great idea letting the fans choose the legacy of the air jordan brand. if you ask me, i think its a really great idea to stop at jordan 23. i think is would be better because michael jordan was know as the best basketball player with the jersey number 23 and not 45. i think it would be better to just keep it at 23, but if you ask me i would like to see more shoes being retrod like the 16 through 23. You should keep going with retros because thats what a lot of fans want. they want to remember you by the retro shoes you wore in the nba. so stop at 23, but keep going with the retros!!!

  110. at least have a xx5 plus i can't think of not having a jordan comin out in febuary thats when my year starts right after the chinese new year

  111. As a young man of almost 18, i honestly have to say that many people of my age that i've talked to about the XX3s with say they don't like them and I don't either. I understand that they will consist of some of the best shoe technology today and the materials and designs on the shoe are really nice, but they look like team jordans with upgraded materials.

    Thats not what i buy numbered jordans to wear, the numbered jordans are supposed to be the top notch jordan brand shoe products in every aspect of design, and i feel the XX3 is only proficient in material selection.

    I notice team jordans as a leisure shoe appeal to older men more than younger ones–28 and up. The thing about numbered jordans up until now that i really liked was that they had hella coo designs on the shoe and the shoe came together straight shittin. team jordans have some aspects to them that look good, but usually the whole shoe's design isn't streamlined. Therefore, one can conclude that youths like me like the more conspicuous streamline designs of the numbered jordans, particularly tinker's designs (although dub zeros and spiz'ikes look good, they still hail from tinker's designs); no wonder i see more numbered jordans on young adult's feet than team jordans!

    I think the XX3s look too much like a function shoe, sort of what makes team jordans not fully come together as leisure shoes. the tinker designs had looks of their own, with a few stepping more into the function look like the 12s, 14s, and 15s.

    the 23s needed to be jordan brand's ultimate bow-out of the numbered jordan game with unmatched shitidge, combining function and leisure fashion at their best in one shoe. instead the design seems to only look perfect on a 40 year old man with a b-ball sweat suit on and a curved visor, who looks like he's ready to play basketball like back in the day but can't do a damn thing.

    and to put the icing on top, i live out here in california, the capitol, sacramento, and i felt the same way with the XX2s, as my fellow peers have. the XX2s are practically nonexistent on our feet out here, i've probably only seen 5 people wear them–literally–since they came out.

  112. I think they should stop at 23 for the jordan signature shoes. they can make some other series subsitute for the jordan signature to extend this benchmark and use the new tech on basketball sneakers. I believe that many other basketball fans are still loving jordan brands, no matter the signature line will be stopped or not. since jordan is number 23, the number is so meaningful to all the stuff relative to jordan. I believe the ppl who love jordan who love the basketball, once they see the number 23, they will recall jordan. jordan signature line should stop at 23. Jordan brand should make some other series to extend their branchmark wills, and i believe the jordan fans, or basketball fans will still appreciate the jordan brand so much even the jordan signature line stop at 23rd.

    I love jordan brand!

    lets stop the jordan signature line at 23! the number 23rd!!!

  113. XXIII结束挺好,但是XXIII他们是不会结束的。

    Stop at XXIII will better,but they don't stop at XXIII

  114. Gentry stated in at least one previous interview that the Air Jordan would stop at 23. I do not like it when people or companies in the public eye go back on their word. Since he said this, he should stick to his word and stop at 23. It was Jordan's jersey number, and as Gentry said, there is no point in continuing the line past 23. If Brand Jordan continues to release an equivalent "top tier" product and simply named it something different, I would be fine with that. I was thinking something along the lines of "Jordan 2009." I know many other people feel the same way as I do. I hope my comments will reach the people who will be involved in making this decision. Thank you for your time!

  115. As long ass retro's are out I'm good jay's been slackin since da 15's da technology might have goten better but the looks on them were not appealling ……nd don't stop now finish of with a bang! Da 23's wasn't as good as I thought it wud b

    retro som |V's

  116. they should stop at the 23's…lets be serious even if they stop at 23, its still not gonna be the end of the jordan brand and they still will be releasing sneakers only of different names and not numbers…jordan is starting to fall downhill anyway..with all the retros and stuff they keep putting out, you already know jordan isnt going to be done anytime soon..

  117. JB should've stopped after Jordan's retirement in 99 & again in 03!!…Air Jordans should only be made when the man himself plays in them…Cash in on retros in "TRUE ORIGINAL FORM"…(using EXACT same materials,design,ie: NIKE AIR, & include og box)at a high price for the real collectors, call it "Premium Jordan"…JB should've stopped the main fleet line a looong time ago…

  118. i say keep makin shoes till you get to air jordan retro 50's why stop now when you get 2 50 it can be all 50 shoes in 1 with evry color you can think of you feel me

  119. Stopping here would be wonderful. All I know is no matter where they stop I will be at the store on saturdays to pick up my pair. My question is are they going to re-release the XI I am dying to get my hands on a pair of those.

  120. I think it should stop at 23. His whole legacy speaks for it's self. No one else shoes sell as hard as some "Jordans" does and MJ is retired. So he should focus on his the athletes sorting the "Jordan Brand" Big MJ Fan, from Day 1. GO BULLS:)

  121. You just can't stop at XX3 it just isn't right to the loyal fans that look forward to this line of shoes every year, like me i spent every dime I get too air jordans and to me 23 isnt enough you shouldn't stop making the best basketball shoes line ever made. Jordans was the first shoes i fell in love with and still the only shoe brand and love.

  122. Mais oui, stoppé la série à 23 c'est bon!!

    Par contre ressortir des paires mythiques:

    – AJVII BLACK/GREY, celle du all star game!!

    – AJVI Black/Infrared

    – Et pourqouoi pas un pack 'titre' avec les

    6 modèles playoff!!

    – ou un pack "slam dunk Contest" aux couleurs d'origines

    – Sinon, créer les site "Jordan ID" avec tous les modèles.

    Sinon, pour les passionnés comme moi, un fauteuil jordan à partir de la AJXII (à voir sur mon site "" dans "mobilier design" :-)

    Voilà, petite pensées de France avec mes 27 paires de Jordan,


    But yes, the series stopped at 23 is good!

    However highlight pairs mythical:

    – AJVII BLACK / GREY, the all star game shoes!

    – AJVI Black / Infrared, the shoes of the first title

    – And why not a pack "title pack" with

    6 playoff models!

    – Or a pack "slam dunk Contest" colored backgrounds

    – Alternatively, create the site "Jordan ID" with all models

    Otherwise, for enthusiasts like me, an armchair jordan from the AJXII (to be seen on "" in "mobilier design" :-)

    So, small thoughts of France with my 27 pairs of Jordan

  123. keep the jays coming dont stop the people cant get enuff jays are just getn hotta and hotta aslong jordan and tinka are around jays are going to keep on komeing GW34

  124. If Ur Guna Stop at 23 the go ahead….but if u do dont stop making retros because we all love em'…if u do decide 2 go on then make the shoe likeable….

  125. i say keep da shit goin stop bein so damn selfish cuz we got 2 rok em man i want my jit n his jitz 2 b rokin j's dnt stop suin so great jordan keep yo legacy goin!

  126. My comments are more about the comments on SF that I have read today and in the past. I don't consider myself a collector, but I have my share of Sneakers. I am over 30 and a lot of these People don't know how stupid they sound. Listen, One of the main reason Air Jordans are made are for the basketball court. If you are over 30 AJ shoes never look nice when you first look at them. They grow on you, and everyone don't look at things the same way.

    Example, Rareairtone comments. What in the hell are you talking about. If Jordan was playing today and wearing the 23s' you will be wearing them too. That's the way it was when he was playing. Now that he is not, it is for the ball players, he makes them for the court. Numbered Js' are for the court. He has a casual line. Have you notice MJ colorway for All Star Games? Lets go in reverse. Lets say the 23s' were the First AJs', and the retros are the newer AJs. You all will be saying the dam samething about the 1s' through 14s'. Dude Mercedes/BMW don't retro cars, if they did you wouldn't be able to afford them. Make make new cars and upgrade them Technology son. Think the internet wasn't around in the 70s' 80s' things change AJ 1 is different than AJ 2.

  127. Ok i want more retros at a LOWER price.(try $100).NO LIMITED RELEASES THEY CREATE HYPE. less packages.Better quality materials on retros.(take the cement spizikes for an example fake leather are yall serious???the leather on the toeboax is fake and yall got the nerve to charge $175). (The quality on retro jordans went from sugar to shit).I want NO HYPE.No limited shoes like 200 pair thats stupid and i have a long list that i dont fell like typing i think yall get the picture.


  129. i think if they do a xx24 they should make it nice unlike the 15-23 i think they should think like how they use to think or mix every shoe or something becuase they are making some ulgly designs now days the 23 look live some dwayne wade shoes bro if they contunue like this i dont kno man

  130. I love Air Jordans obviously you don't know how passionate I am about them, there's something inside of me that doesn't want it to end because Jordans are getting better and better (real fans would know that) but I do want it to end w/ XX3's they are the greatest sneakers ever and you should focus on making sick team models like in the late 90's w/ the Team 1's and stuff like that so do what you want JB

  131. I don't know if its because im a die hard JORDAN fan for life, or the latest shoes are just that mind blowing (i buy em regardless) but these 23's and fusions got me pullin my hair out waitin to smell that fresh JORDAN smell, it differs from the regular new shoe smell, might be jus me. keep em comin, somebody said stop at 23, why we still have generations to come that need that same fresh JORDAN smell. -ooslim23 halla

  132. I think Jordan Brand should stop at XX3 but like 3 or 5 years later come out with the XX4 then the following year skip everything and make the 45's.Then everyone is going to be like "WOW".Just an opinion…..but anyways I think you guys really,really,really need to retro the BRED 11's,INFRARED VI's,and the VII HARES!!

  133. I think it should end at 23 also. I grew up wearing the originals that everybodys sporting now like it some new fad. The materials on these new ones are way different then the originals. I dislike the jumpman on the back of the shoe also. Please put Nike Air on the back of the shoe where it's suppose to be. It's not even special anymore like it was because of the fakes. It was priceless feel sporting a pair of fresh J's. It was a fun ride.

  134. PLEASE BRING BACK THE 17s if you dont do nothing else. And i really think u should stop at 23, so it wont mess up the significance of the number. U should make some jordans that would symbolize his number 45 though. Just a thought!!! But if you dont, you'll see me in a couple of years.

  135. stop at the 23's!!!….please. re-retro all the 11's. also what's up with the jordan brand store in the city(nyc) with the retro store in the basement???

  136. I think you should stop at 23 because that's the number Mike wore and what the Jordan legacy is known for. Jordan Brand should continue to retro the OG colorways that have yet to be re-released, such as September Blue VI's and Powder Blue X's.

  137. oh JB… PLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE dignify main man money and stop at #23

    if u just wanna make money, make the shoes, just don't put a number on it any more

  138. I enjoy new models such as XVII-23 much more than retros but I think you guys should take a chillpill w/ the amount of sneakers produced, release less retros please

  139. I agree wit mkey mikal when he says alot of 90s kids dont understand and they think its cool 2 go past 23. That shyt is wack it defeats the purpose of the legacy. I was born in 89 and i was fortunate 2 hav cousins dat skooled me on da jordan game and for flight club shout outs 2 chris vidal. I know wat it feels like 2 hav a pair of OGs i might b young but i feel tha same way u do. As for JB goes stop @ 23 cuz with 1-23 that legacy is written stone. Its an era of rich history and should b documented in the history books.And deez packs r makin my pockets hav asthma attacks but i love Js so i do it anyway. For now i wanna see sum ogs i missed out on I NEED DA BORDEAUXS,HARES,INFARED6s,CEMENT4s,SUPERSONIC10s,POWDER9s plzzzzzzzzz bring em out!!!!!!!!!!!!

  140. I personally think that they should stop @ 23, 23 is his number and its the perfect way to end his signature shoe line, they can still do retros, shoes for jordan brand players, or if they really want to continue how bout go back to one and name it "new generation", 24 will not make sense, or just continue releasing but do not number it, whatever decisions you make, JB will be the best





    VOTE NO ON 24

  142. end it at 23… the j's were made popular by the player in the shoes. I remember as a kid waiting to see jordan play just to see what shoes he had on. If he can do that in those shoes, i can do that in his shoe, or at least that part of my game would look like his… half the kids now wearing the shoe never seen him play so pass on the torch and let the likes of chris paul develop his own fan base cause the jordan fans are going to be there and continue to buy the retros cause i always need some j's 1,2,3,…23.

    By the way chris paul first shoe is ugly. go in a new direction stop using jordan inspiration and use original thoughts for current players signature shoes. who knows one of these brand jordan players may spark a new run at 23.


  144. Don't stop at the XXIII!! It finally looks like jordans are finally starting to look better. My self and a lot of jordan heads would love to see a release that reminds us of the old days where every new jordan was something great. something that is minimalist but still a great design.

  145. i think that it would b bette rif dey jus stop it at 23 because it would jus b corny and just release more retros dat were never released like da hare 7 boardeux 7 powder 9 chi town 10 and white infared 6

  146. I think they should continue making more Air Jordan shoes beyond XX3. But they should stop at 45 because thats MJ's other number. If they're going to stop at XX3, then they should make an XX4, but it should be a fusion of all the Jordans (I-XX3) or something to make a great finale.

  147. I don't care whether they stop at 23 or not. I am a 12 year old and own at least 11 pairs of Jordans. I stopped liking jordans from retro 18+. I just wanna buy retro jordan when I am fully grown. All the big funds and stuff like that are horrible.

  148. i respect everybody and what they think but jordan should stop at 45 because remember everybody buys retros and upcoming shoes no one really buy team jordans or jordans designed buy melo,ray allen or richard hamiltons shoes and other players,jordan wont stop because the more he continues to make his own shoes his legacy grows even though he dosent play anymore but also its all about the money and we all know its not goin to stop til The number 45 cause it was the final number he used before retitring again.If you want to say something about my comment message me at or add me and send me a comment about what you think.

  149. stop at 23 the new jordans really have not been up to par for jordans name or even to make me spend 200 on them at all retro is the way to go the ps the worst thing yall ever did was make double packs instead of single pair of retros bad business decision

  150. I got my opinion. Stop at 23, but as others said, keep making original shoes, but with different names. Anything over 23 would be dumb in my opnion.

    But yes, more signature shoes, something different, unique, haven't made yet? Y'all are bound to have more kick ass ideas.

    Also, I would love another combo Jordan, like the Dub Zeros, or the Spiz'ikes. Maybe with some different Jordans though. 7's and 13's maybe??

    Also I'd love more SE's and PE's. That would be sweet.

    Maybe more NEW colorways, like the whole Orange/White colorways y'all have had released lately.

    Keep the Fusions going. I'd love to see how some Air Force Jordan 7's would look.

    Anyways, any of those things would be Amazing.

  151. Yo I think I speak on behalf of the whole sneakerhead community when I say we want black/light graphite-bordeaux VII's…..I was two years old when they dropped…we've waited long enough soooo RETRO them!!!!!!!!!!!

  152. I agree with V-dub,CharlesW(jordan fan for life), Jaycee,Jay_unit & Sneakerfiend. You can keep making team J's just dont put a number on it like its for jordan. and you can drop retros…………………. until Feb. 2030 make it real special for the number 45 a.k.a (the comeback). Have Tinker da great in the mix even if he is 90. Jordans to me are more than a shoe and when i buy them its like a high. So come fly with me.

  153. ive been a fan of the shoes and the man for as long as i can remember. stop at 23 because u cant do any better than you already have with the line. also could you drop the air jordan 3's in the original black/cement colorway? please!

  154. i believe they should stop @ 23. I have to say Jordan is a LEGACY!!! the greatest of the great. The Mohammad Ali of basketball! Yet i believe re-releasing is the way to go. especially the OG color ways so that other generations can learn about him and why he is one of many greatest icons of all time. yeah 45 is his number he came back out of retirement, but how will the rest of 22 pairs of shoes reflect on him by that? he wasnt playing for the wizards for that long you feel me?

  155. The harsh truth is that it should stop at XX3, its fitting and its time. Honestly people, JB (and by extension Nike) ran out of good ideas years ago, otherwise they wouldnt have kept retroing for damn near a decade. Yeah yeah, its a cash cow, younger kids get what they missed out on, but c'mon now. I loved growing up watching MJ play, his shoes defined years in my childhood and early teens, thats why to see the brand where it is now compared to how it was in the 1990s, ESPECIALLY from 1990-1994, is just really disappointing. Since MJ retired from the Bulls, only the black XVI, stealth XX and stealth XX3 have been noteworthy. And this "fusion" stuff… the designs are REALLY bad, let alone the color schemes. Dont worry Michael, your legacy is secure. The XX3 should definitely be the last shoe in the line. Let the new guys like Chris Paul carry the JB name. Yep…

  156. I think XX3 is a nice way to finish this Air Jordan era. But it would be sad to see such legacy and dominance in the industry to end.

    So, as one of the readers mentioned above, we should keep the legacy flowing but perhaps not by making Air Jordan XX4, XX5, etc, but by making special edition Air Jordans like 25th, 30th anniversaries and retros as well as CPs, Melos, etc. In addition creating a brand new MJ Signature shoe line may not be a bad idea also.

  157. I am (32) years old and have bought almost every pair of AJ’S. My wife just surprised me with the new black 23’s. They are tight. Besides the IV, V, VIII, and the XI’s…these are the best shoe ever. I should say…these are the sexiest shoe ever. They should not stop at 24. I want my kids to grow up with the same legacy as I did. I still am. I still wait til’ every February to see Mike’s new kicks. If I have extra cash…I get them. Sometimes I don’t. I will never outgrow the Jordan Brand. Mike is my alltime hero. I stopped watching the NBA after he finally retired. Just isn’t the same without him. So Michael…Please don’t stop. I can’t wait to see what the new 24 looks like. I’m sure it will be hot. There will never a lost legacy.

  158. I think they should stop at 23, if not they might as well just go all the way to 45, why the hell not? screw it, but in my opinion they should stop and make new Jordan brand shoes like for new players like the Jordan Melos Or Lebrons and have jordan still get money from that cuz its jordan brand. BTW the 23's are the best shoes ever, i dunno how they can improve on that.

  159. i say go up to 23,000,000

    and yall need to make some red; mostly red and black viiis

  160. What comes to mind when you hear or see the number 23 . . . Michael Jordan

    23 is an icon and I think it is truly symbolic to stop the Air Jordan Line at 23. Honestly, I feel that they should stop here because its gotten to the point where Michael isnt playing (in games) in them anymore. Plus, 24 is my number :)

    Michael Jordan should pass the torch, Build a new Legacy in one of the new members of Team Jordan.

    Keep up with the retro's though, they are awesome and I love seeing the new colorways that come out with them.

  161. 23 is symbolic but at least stop at 25 were it will be more symbolic knowing that 25 air jordans weir made and thats just a good number

  162. I think JB should stop and I think they should not stop as well its all depending on your staff and JORDAN him self what do u want to MR.Jordan? and tinker and Gent? its all up to you guys. Wether it's somehting u want to continue doing or not with the problem of copying shoes and bootleg Nike's going around do u want to continue with that and all other conflicts that u might run into over the future? The reason why you should stop because its 23 thats why its the number u build and show us for the many times u show USA how a champion survie, but never the less there will be no more hype or shoe like the 23 because its u. Now this is my personal opinion I think Jordan Brand should star over to Jordan 1 remake them all over and make very detail stiching and all reamake Jordan 1- 22 over and for Jordan 23 retro make it Jordan 45 the end of your carrer shoe for the shoes and fans Let The Legacy live on U ARE A Legend MJ And during that year Make out the 23 over again redeisgn it and retro it as well then for the final shoe of the career Jordan 45. Or may you can continue on with Jordan 2k4 like that ? that might be a good way to do that and make each edition shoe 2K5, 2K6 and so on and when u get to 45 let it end with the JORDAN BRAND 45 u can bring back the 23 shoes 22 years later and make it 22+23=45 and sell the countdown package like that 23/45 i know i will buy it a retail store for 450.00 no higher and u will get customers I gurantee it . And for stoping 23 just says it all, NOw continue with the Jordan players I do not know about that JB that will take a major hit to your company just because in my opinion your other players have not gotten allof our respect yet May be accept for Chris Paul but the other guys trust me I will not by there shoes and other customers might not buy there shoes as well, I think the Cpaul sold very well and he and Anthony are the only 1's that are stepping up to the plate Why have u all not release RIP hamilton with his own JORDAN BRAND Shoe yet?? he have been in the game longer than CP AND CA , and alos he is with Billups as the second best back court dueo in the leaguge besides AI and C.ATHONY as I have said JB its all up to you and the company but do not think CP and C. Anthony is going to carry the whole entire JORDAN BRAND SHOE company for a next 22 OR 23 Years i just do not see it happen just because I do not think there are selling like they should

  163. I THINK U SHOULD PUT DWADE on Jordan BraND because he still can ball and plus he have A NBA RING! one that neither nor Cp3 have or C,Anthony have one yet and I do not think no time soon that Chris Paul or CAnthony is going to get one while LA still have Kobe and Boston got RAY RAY, Paul, KG for 3 more years I think DWADE can help JORDAN BRAND CARRY IT OVER

  164. i think you should stop at 23 and start all over at 1 and make even more colorways. ecspecially jordan's 1,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,12.

  165. dont stop at XXIII keep going j's are the number i brand shoe in the world and if they stop at XXIII they could lose business

  166. u must come 2 understand that jordan brand is an immortal brand so 2 speak it never stops cause its d best of all time it must not stop but rather giving us a great sense of anxiety leading up to february wen d new j's are 2 be unveiled its a feeling thats unexplainable wen u throw on a pair of j's trust me!

  167. Hay if you keep making more jordan shoes the price of the og's will go up and they will be worth more

  168. Hay if you keep making more jordan shoes the price of the og's will go up and they will be worth more and i hope if you do make a jordan 24 it must be different from any other jordan shoe

  169. Well I really think outtta the respect of mj they should stop at 23 cus that's what the jb represents (23) I mean like some shoes have the number 23 ingraved in them not 24 so why even think of going on? I mean don't stop makinf j's but don't pass 23 shitt I love j's mom than my life….. lol so you gotts step up ur game jb cus the 21's and up are ugly but I still rock them simply for the fact there j's ! You should also think about releaseing more retros and you should realese a special edition of the 5's in a fresh prince of bel-air theme? Cus I mean that show was the reason why I love j's now lol think about it they'll see quick 4 sure pz!

  170. Stop the jordans at xx3 i bhought a pair of black stealths this past summer and they are a fitting end to a great and uncomparable shoe legacy endorsed by the greatest player in the history of basketball kobe cant make shoes that appeal neither does Lebron or Anthony

  171. Sign Kobe and let him take over at "24" and on since he's the next greatest b-ball player. Air Kobe sounds alright to me!

  172. I personally think that the numbering of Jordan's should end @ XX3. The should just stay with the concept of calling them "AIR JORDAN 2009'S" or something else. from the 1's all the way til maybe the 18's and xx3's, these we pure original classics. Maybe its time to bring those styles back. none of those remix or remakes stuff.

  173. On another note regarding my previous comment, it would also be cool if they also had the NIKE AND JORDAN logos on the shoes, just like in the beginning.

  174. Personally I think the 23's are ok but I didnt like the limited edition($300)thing cause he should have given more of us a chance to purchase them in more cities some of us couldnt get to these stores like that cause we have jobs and families, but its cool and I understand what he was doing I just wish i could atleast stood in line for them. But you guys are counting MJ out and you guys know damn well MJ dont quit anything, but that comes to show how much of a MJ fan some of u really are.MJ if you were thinking of wraping it up only do aneversiary editiond like ther XX5th silver anniver., XXXth, the XXXXth and last but not least the 50th anniver. gold edition now this is how it should be done.

  175. i'd be fine with if they didn't stop at 23

    But they should change the name…

    I dont think it would sound right if i said

    "i wanna cop some 24s's"

  176. I understand the concept of stopping at 23 so I think instead of the 24 make a 23.5 edition Jordan Im a big MJ fan an a J shoe collecter I wonder what the big guy thinks about a 24?

  177. also some of these bootleggers sites have 24's check out they have a 24 as they say 4 sale

  178. I think they should stop at XX3… maybe even at 18 cause thats when he stopped… the xx3's were cool and all but isnt it going to be weird to have xx4, xx5 etc… they should keep making jordan products of course but stop the numbered series…


  180. I aint gone lie. I'm a hard core jordan fanatic. But, these last couple of releases(besides the packages)have been garbage. Stop at 23, and just keep bringing out the retro's. They will sell out everytime. And keep bringing out the packages, despite what the broke people say. Just switch to colorways up when u bring them out.

  181. Hey Nike and Jordan brand. You really shouldn't stop at 23 I mean remember that after Michael came back to play for the Wizards he wore 45. Maybe you shouldn't go up to 45 but don't stop pleasing the people and make another Air Jordan signature shoe. You had a lot of success with the shoes so why stop now? Just because a number is in your way doesn't mean you should stop.

  182. OK for all you folks who think jordans should stop at number XX3 look on and tell me those shoes ain't clean

  183. yo i think that they needa stop at XX3 but needa make a special release of 45 to remember the days when he came back from retirement, feel me? and then like maybe re release the retro kicks and modernize them some.. and na i dont mean like the fusions, i mean like straight up remake them and a few new flavas but keep da original, na mean? but yo if ya do go remake em be sure they go hard.

  184. i have a jordan collection i designed to celebrate his achievements(Forever 23) collection un seen to the world yet. like the name of the collection why stop@23. to a basket ball player who was timeless and reinvented game i say Jordan forever.