Air Jordan XX3 Motorsports, Bulls, UNC

Three pairs of the Air Jordan XX3, referred to as the “Legacy Series”, released on Black Friday. Many stores had lines outside before they opened and other spots had all their pairs reserved before the release date. Whatever the case may be, they sold out within days and all three pairs were immediately seen as some of the best colorways Jordan Brand has released as of late. Amazingly, all three pairs of the Air Jordan XX3 are now again available at Finishline for the retail price of $185! You can consider this being an early Christmas present or just luck turning your way, but don’t waste any time because we guarantee you that these will not last long!

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Air Jordan XX3 Motorsports, Bulls, UNC

Air Jordan XX3 Motorsports, Bulls, UNC

Air Jordan XX3 Motorsports, Bulls, UNC

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  1. so gay. i cant even buy these in my size, cos finishline dont do international shipping :(

  2. The UNC and CHI were at my door today. I said before you know how I feel about double copping. This plastic wont be worth anything in the future. Right now they are going for +30$ +50$ because of the hype. There is even a UNC for 205 + 12 shipping, buy it now, from on her ebay name. If you have the money then by all means start a collection of shoes (you won't be the first to collect all the pokemon and you wont be the last) If you have plans of the future and a savings account in mind, hold off on buying two of the same identical shoe. Wear them and enjoy them this holidays. In time people will realize they need money and will post them on ebay and you'll end up with a motorsports for 172$ shipped like me or an Allstars 142$ shipped. Hell, I even bought the Lebron 3 birthday pack (brown) for 120$ shipped yesterday. In 10 years we will be wearing titanium laser shoes of the future, assuming we are even still alive. Buy shoes to wear them. Enjoy them. Like the Athletes! Only Fat Joe, Dj Clark Kent, and the rest of the fat unhealthy "sneaker heads" collect shoes. They don't even exercise and they collect athletic shoes. They are wannabe's. Most of the sneaker collectors are sports wannabe's. Hear me now my brothers. I will guide you into the light. Follow me.

  3. I got mine Motor sport this past black friday and put on layaway the Bulls….I pass on the UNC because of the CDPACK (XI/XII) and the Spike Cool Grey….also i buy the Melo 5 black to ball!!!! After the 12/31/02 im done…my only target in 2009 is the Air Jordan 2k9 and some retros or dmp. (rumors of 6 gatorade edition/space jam/dunk champiosnhip package/etc…..)if not see you jb….

  4. damn spider……comment #3……u cant speak on it…because all jordans go over the normal price once they get hard 2 find…….these will be 250+ next month…….mock my wordz……people where goin crazy for these…..they sold out in less then 25 mintuez online….and waz only in certain stores……i called finisline my self…and said only reazon oeven restock is because those are people credit or debit card did not go through fully……i aint even a jordan head…..n im shittin on most sneaker headz alreadi

  5. yaaa i dont even have to wait for ma shoes… i work at HOHCHI n of course we get every exclusive j. and i get a discount.

  6. I copped the Legacy N.C's today. They are tighter than the ones they dropped in January! I can't wait for that 11&12 pack the day after Christmas.

  7. Jae looks like the bigger loser now. I will mock your words, Mark. ;) People hyped for no reason, UNCs still sell for (cheaper?) than retail at ST with FSR (up to 13.5) in stock.

    But SP1DER, those were some ugly-ass LeBrons you bought. I could've copped easily while they came out, and they should still be going for a bill with little to no hype. Motorsports were on shelves across the States in Canada for WHILE, and I copped for about 110, so your calculations were slightly off (though you're right, and they did drop in value).

    Not all Jordans increase, it's all about that supply and HYPE (demand). It's all a numbers game …

    p.s. fck Fat Joe, nikka doesn't even collect "athletic" shoes (maybe when technology was primitive, like in 1982) LOL