Ok, nothing is different from the Air Jordan XX2 Commercial we posted a couple days ago, but we wanted to post this up so you can just click and play from Sneakerfiles. The song playing I believe is by Mozart, but do not quote me on that, but the moves are originally performed by the great Michael Jordan. Enjoy the video, and share it with a friend.

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  1. Jordan is doing his thing. This may be one of the hardest commercials i have ever seen! I wanna go buy a pair right now.

  2. I won't quote you on that because you'd be quoting me.. I said it before, it's Wolfgang Amadeus Mosart's Requiem. His final piece before he died. The song sequence used which happens to be Larimosa was the last notes he wrote before he died.. and supposedly moved him to tears. Appropriately used in this commerical containing people crying over some pointless basketball game. The great Michael Jordan probably knows the song, so much for his fans.

  3. Haha.. attack a typo.. very nice. I notice you didn't catch the fact that i mispelled "Lacrimosa" too.. if you click the link to the previous time the video was posted, it's obvious that I know how Mozart is spelled.

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