As Jordan Brand continues to pump out retro releases this year, one such potential release is the Black/ Red Air Jordan XIV aka ‘The Last Shots’. These are slated to drop Holiday 2011… possibly this year’s Black Friday release. Stay tuned for more updates on whether or not these will hit retail.

If they do drop, who’s copping?

Via FS

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  1. I still got my 05 retros but I might cop another pair and ball in the other ones hopefully they release the other of colors like the black white indigo or the black toes red and white without the lines unlike the 06 release.

  2. A for sure cop! I still have my 05 retros but they’re super beat up. I was killing dudes in middle school with these BLOOD! G.ettin F.ame K.reatures

  3. Been there, got these the last time this exact shoe released as a retro. I tell you though, not a bad pair at all to be certain. I still own the pair I bought years ago and they are still in very wearable condition. Anybody who gets this shoe I’ll tell you, you won’t regret it. Awesome shoe to be had for sure.

  4. I can’t wait til they come out i miss dem in 98 and in 05, but i want miss them in 2011 and yall can bet that. Grease!