After last week’s release of the Air Jordan IX Retro Premio BIN 23, we have more developing news from this collection. Recently, the picture here surfaced of what is reportedly the Premio BIN 23 version of the Air Jordan XIII. For now, all we have is this picture, the hopes of Air Jordan fans, and rumors to work with. But what are your thoughts on this sneak peek at what COULD be the Air Jordan XIII Retro Premio BIN 23?

Via HoopChina.

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  1. Yea I agreethe shoes itself is sick!but the color is just eh.you think they would have come up w/a different color way rather than this one.

  2. these look like the samples that were made back in the day, but either way another one of the better colorways from these past 2 years

  3. For real? This is best colorway y'all could come up with for this shoe. This BS snagglepuss lookin colorway is ALL y'all could come up with? Somebody should get demoted or fired for breakin out this mess. Ugly as sh!t. Look like some ol ragedy basement furniture. GTFOH!

  4. dam those are hideous,i would expect this from Jb now they make team jordan every month now ,Jb fucked up with the shoe game that why i stopped buying so much jays. only numbers i got for are 11s and other limited shit

  5. these shoes are the truth! jordan brand is killing the shoe game with the bin 23 collection this picture does not do the shoe justice view them at other sites you might change your opinion

  6. i dont know what jb are thinking.but there deffinetly not what they were.all the shoes except for the 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14 and 23.everything else sucks bad.they just cant think of anything else creative.all the new shoes are a joke.good luck jb.your gonna nead it.if ur gonna keep coming out with same old shit.you wont be in business that much longer.