Air Jordan XIII 'Flint' 2010This year’s Black Friday release will bring us the ‘Flint’ AJ XIII Retro!

We finally have some detailed images of this Re Retro. Everything on the 2010 version looks to be the same as the last Retro release with the exception of the leather; it seems as if they have replaced the semi smooth grain leather for textured leather. The flint grey is still a shade or two darker than its OG counterpart but they did that with the last batch from ’05.

Retail on these will be at $150.

Check more images after the jump and let us know if you’re as excited as we are these are coming back.

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  1. quality wise they dont look bad but the leather is prone to crease at a higher rate.Im gonna wait till the white and red joints drop.

  2. Yes sir!! these is of the hook.. only one thing did anyone that got the ones that came out in 05 have an issue with the glue on the white mid sole. mine smeared when i whipped them nd they look purple all on the white part. i still got them but thats why i dnt really wear them much. i hope these dnt have the same issue. Getting these nd the cool grays too must on those too.

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