This past Friday, those who watched the Spurs/Bobcats and/or Suns/Hawks game were treated to an incredible display of Air Jordan XIIs. In Charlotte, Stephen Jackson was spotted balling in the Air Jordan XII “Rising Sun,” while his teammates D.J. Augustin and Gerald Wallace each sported Air Jordan XII PEs. That same night in Atlanta, Joe Johnson had also chosen to lace up a pair of Air Jordan XII PEs, (while his teammate Mike Bibby opted for another one of his favorites in the Air Jordan XIII low).

Last night in Toronto, the home team’s Amir Johnson was spotted in the red/white Air Jordan XII. The Dallas Mavericks’ Josh Howard, who has been the beneficiary of very nice Dallas Mavericks PEs during his membership in team Jordan Brand, was seen making cuts in his own Air Jordan XII PE. Which of the six Air Jordan XIIs spotted on the NBA hardwood this past weekend looked the nicest in your opinion?

Photos via YahooSports.

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  1. I noticed that everyone was rocking teh 12s this weekend – kinda weird that it was planned

  2. chris martin must have tiny ass feet cuz those came out in kid sizes,aha or they were PE..maybee


  3. Mike Bibby Rockin' the XIII's. Like those better than any of the XII's. Bibby always got the sweet hook-ups.

  4. hey…great observation tone and andres but you got the names all wrong…its not chris martin, its kevin martin and who's mike biddy? lol

  5. JAMAL CRAWFORD 6th man of the year hands down and wait till the blk AIR JORDAN 6 's drop oh my !!!!!

  6. Did you like my shoeeeeeeeeeees?????????????????



  7. Mike Bibby has been wearing those 13s this season. and he's also been spoted with the black/red 13s too. just visit mike bibbys official website to see.

    I hope that those two 13s are the 13s that are scheduled to come out later this year.

  8. down w/ those flint grey's DJ is wearin, those blue/orange Wallace has are tight too, and the Navy/Red Joe Johnsons, awesome weekend for XII's!

  9. Nice flints, bobcats stay with the jays!



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  10. I didn't no kieth bogans rocks 1/2 cents and I didn't no dat amir johnson rocks j'….jamal crawford needs 2 be part of da jb

  11. hey…wade also wore the jordan 12 when they played the pacers a while ago…pretty nice…

  12. PEs always go hard! They are really hard to come across but Deon Taylor stays wit a pair on his feet. It pays off to be a film director i guess