Air Jordan XI retro 'Cool Grey'- Detailed Images
By now most should know about the Air Jordan XI ‘Cool Grey’ dropping again later this year, and now we have new detailed images of shoe in adult sizes. The shoes appear to have a blue-tint to their icey sole and the same shape as the 25th Anniversary AJ XI, and the packaging? well thats still uncertain. Not much has change from the 2010 model and the previous 2001 model, besides the materials used and the sole. The Air Jordan XI ‘Cool Greys’ are expected to drop November of 2010 and have a box price of 175$ for adult sizes, more pics of the shoes can be seen after the jump.

~ Soleless

Air Jordan XI retro 'Cool Grey'- Detailed Images

Air Jordan XI retro 'Cool Grey'- Detailed Images

Air Jordan XI retro 'Cool Grey'- Detailed Images

Air Jordan XI retro 'Cool Grey'- Detailed Images

Air Jordan XI retro 'Cool Grey'- Detailed Images

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  1. these are nasty and ridicouls looking jordans ever looks like fake material and how the hell you gone match blue with greys i mean light blue thts not ice… ice is space jams ice is dmp xi these look`like cdp crap with tht cherry hot red sole than real dark red ughhh fility im sadden by jb now

  2. ^^wtf is wrong with u Aaron??? These shoes r great nd if u can't math with these u need 2 go bac 2 1st grade nd now days u dnt even have 2 match 2 look nice so ur jus either dumb or lame 4 thinkin THESE SHOES R UGLY!!!!

  3. If you can not match light blue and grey, then you got nothing going on with your swagger. I am pretty sure that blue tint going to solve a little of the yellowing issue all of these jordan collector complain year after year. If JB does not release XI than you all still cry about it, damn!

  4. Do you realize Aaron how ignorant you sound? The Cool Grey's are one of the most coveted Jordans ever. Period… That blue hint (which wasn't included in the original) actually ads some good contrast to the shoe. If you don't agree, GTFO.

  5. Wtf, aaron the icy blue is good dam it isnt as blue as the 25th aniversary (grade school) ones.. For me keep bringing tinted icey soles is GOOD!!**** so the shit you pay $175+ tax wont turn piss yellow in 3-4 years.**** yeh what ricky says is true, Dont u get it JB is never gana be the same as it was 5-6 years ago and earlier!

  6. Shoe is too good, i dont care if its shittier material then 01 or

    2000 as long as the patent leather stays legit

  7. Aaron… I will have to disagree, these j's are not nasty and ridiculous, and the blue tint does bring contrast to the shoe. But these shoes were labeled "Cool Grey" for a reason… its the grey that brings out the shoe and the tint blue just throws the shoe off (but this is just my personal opinion). On that note i'll pass on these J's and wait on the III's

  8. YO all og yall need to know that these are all gradeschool pics and not men size because if aaron was smart he will check out marqueesole and see that it says gradeschool

  9. thats nikes new clear sole get used to it i rather have that sole than a piss yellow sole after hearing you hypebeasts complain for so long nike develops something to make your lives easier..and all you do is complain??do your research before complaining..and you will only find the blue tinted icy soles on only 2010 releases..such as the eggplant foams,pearls, and some of the retro 6s

  10. you guys are kids im og and thats ugly grey and blue w.t.f. dont call it retro if yur gonna change shit