Air Jordan XI (11) - Ray Allen Player Exclusive

On opening night of the NBA season, Ray Allen suited up against the Cleveland Cavalier wearing a Player Exclusive Air Jordan XI (11) similar to the one seen here. Both feature a white and gold design to match the Boston Celtics jersey, but for the PE Allen wore the other night against the San Antonio Spurs, it is composed of less green than the opening night model and sports an icy sole. From the looks of it, there is no green on the Air Jordan XI and only consists of a white base with gold trim. For a closer look at Ray Allen’s Player Exclusive Air Jordan XI, check the jump.

Air Jordan XI (11) - Ray Allen Player Exclusive

Air Jordan XI (11) - Ray Allen Player Exclusive

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  1. I know this is about the 11's, but those Starbury's are kinda neat. Maybe S&B would still be in biz if they broke those out.

  2. if dese were to come out,people would git serious hurt,me myself will choppin a head off or 2….lol,whose wit me….!!!!!?

  3. These are way better then the opening night joints. Those had way 2 much green but these are perfect with the icey soles

  4. Those 11's are so iced out i'm feelin em, but why da hell is he wearin 2 sleeves? looks like too much.

  5. those are sick!! i hope those drop at hoh…much better than opening night..clear green bottom….they look super clean….i would cop…no doubt!

  6. ray allen always gets the illest P.E.s. brand jordan stay lacin dude up proper. no you wont add those to the list of what will be copped because they wont come out unless you want fakes.

  7. I know john didnt shout out the Marburys when this thread is about some player edition 11s. He needs to be banned from this site FOREVER…lol, Anyways these shoes are heat. Charlie Murphy had the concords on when being interviewed by the Hustle