As became usual with the three Air Jordan Retro Premio “Bin 23” of this year so far, before hearing of a release date we first got a couple of different looks at the Air Jordan VII “Bin 23” colorway. While many of you know that this colorway was inspired by African art and Afropop, we are now able to give you a scheduled release date. The white/del sol-black-challenge red Air Jordan VII Retro Premio “Bin 23” pictured here will be hitting the shelves of a very select few Jordan Brand retailers in very limited quantities starting on Black Friday, November 26th with a retail price tag of $175. Happy hunting!



  1. real talk, these shoes dont even look real. they actually look lik somethin u can pick up in the chinese corner store for the low low…im startin to migrate over to nike sb's cuz the jordan game is kind of fallin off, cant wait til next year…

  2. I feel you zae757 because i was thinking the same thing. They do look very cheap and this design lacks quality for the sake of originality(fail). I'm not saying for the Bin23 design to be basic but have a concept that meets the expectation for true sneakerheads and not just buy for the sake of saying I have a rare shoe. Just my opinion.

  3. Fake color way but jb used good leather on em though I think I'm gonna get the Jordan 13 flint instead of these talking of flints jb please bring the 7 flint back best 7 ever

  4. Imma get these with some cross color jeans, a malcom x hat bumping my Chris cross tape. JB will make you jump!

  5. Those is whack look like somethin from a cereal box……the best bins so far are the 5’s the rest are wwwhhhhhaaacccckkkkk