Air Jordan VII 'For The Love Of The Game' Release InfoThe Olympic Air Jordan VII Retro ‘For the Love of the Game’ will be officially released August 7th, 2010. However this has only been confirmed for an International release thus far. We are hoping these will release in the US, and will update you when we find out.

Check out more images after the jump.

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  1. Damn SMH…here we go with this international only release s**T…like the true blue 3's last yr JB is gonna piss us off…

  2. This is a Damn Shame how JB is throwin alot of good releases on that international s***, but individuals are slippin if they didnt cop these back in summer of 04'… Just sayin!!

  3. Man I'm pissed ii aint get da ones dat came out in 04(woke up 2 late) but ii jus hope jb release this in da U.S.

  4. jus to keep sneakerfiles updated these olympic 7s are coming out in the us they were never a international release talkted to my boy who works at footlocker he said they are coming out in footlocker and in house of hoop etc. but they dont know when they will recieve them most likely in aug.

  5. They sure are not on…… so i don't know! Hoping for the best turn out though…………… SMDH


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