Air Jordan VII CDP Sample - New Images

First seen back in June, new images have surfaced of the Air Jordan VII CDP sample via Phase2.

This unreleased sample was initially set to be part of the Air Jordan VII/XVI Countdown Pack, which ultimately included the “Hare” Jordan VII instead.  The sample features a simple white/black/red colorway with an upper composed of two different white leathers – one with a matte finish, the other with a shinier (but not patent) finish.  Also of note are the mismatching outriggers, with the forefoot predominately red while the heel sports black.

How does this sample match up with the Hare VII?  Do you wish these had dropped, either as a part of the CDP or as a stand alone release?

Air Jordan VII CDP Sample - New Images

Air Jordan VII CDP Sample - New Images

Air Jordan VII CDP Sample - New Images

via Phase2


  1. these remind me of the orion blue joints..glad they went with the hares..not a huge hare fan but those above dont look hot at all!

  2. Hands down the Hares win over this sample pair. IMO the shoe is to damn plain and even as a stand alone release I still wouldnt cop. What would have made this sample real hot would have to put more black into it (“the leather with a shinier (but not patent) finish”) just to bring the shoe!!

  3. since’84…the VII should NEVER be shiney…EVER! but yeah this upper is the same as the orion…i woulda been mad but if these came out but conversely THESE are still the ONLY VII Ive ever seen white and black besides the orion. JB/Nike phoned it in with the red on the orions tho…anything woulda been better.


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