Jordan Brand had hinted at releasing other Year of the Rabbit themed sneakers during the release of the AJ2011.

The next YOTR theme will be used on the classic AJVII. Taking the ‘Hare’ Jordan VII and slightly tweaking the color placement is something that consumers had already anticipated.

Personally, I feel as if the company cheated a little with this one… Sure, they take on the same color blocking as the AJ2011 ‘YOTR’, but this was very predictable. Where is the design? This colorway has practically released before, and not too long ago mind you. If this is how they plan on celebrating the YOTR, they might as well re-release the Jordan 1 x Levi Pack, throw a commemorative patch on it and call it a day. That’s one thing I’ll give the Bin series credit for, some of them may be hideous… but at least they tried. Maybe its just me, but I was hoping for creativity and exclusiveness with the next YOTR, instead we get yet another reused idea with a limited production run guaranteeing another hyped up release.

What are your thoughts on this first look, were you hoping for more or was this exactly what you would’ve wanted?

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  1. these look pretty fresh, it looks like the hares and the cardinals together, but im not digging the gold laces, they make the shoe look ugly, but thats an easy fix, i just have to put some fat whitle laces on them, and theyll look fresh

  2. I like these but the hares are better they should’ve made something like a tortoise and the hare pack and used a little imagination. there should be more gold on these to make the laces look better or they should just throw in a pair of white or red laces just so people can switch em up.

  3. i agree with wizzeah. GOLD should be the main accent here. that would have differenciated these from the “hares” a little more. the number block should be white/gold with red numbers, the sole should be gold with red accent. basically the opposite of what it is…at least that way you could fool the “experts”

  4. lol @ the originality rant. yes, i can def agree that they coulda done more with these, but this is nothing new from JB. just look at the BHM III’s. those are the black cat’s with slight gold accents. as for the BIN’s, the last thing they put out was a slightly tweeked metallic V. Fact of the mattet is JB and originality just don’t go together well (anymore).

  5. If no one has the release day, and they will fall on or before Easter how long before drop date do u think we will have notice of….