Before officially celebrating the coming of a new year, Jordanheads rejoiced over the fact that the Motorsports Air Jordan VI and Six Rings were going to see a release in 2010. Now we’d like to show you detailed images of another Air Jordan VI also scheduled to release in 2010- “the year of the AJ VI.” This one comes in a black/white colorway much like the Motorsports pair, however, it also contains a flurry of speckled sections- particularly along the sole and heel tab. So check out more detailed pictures of this black/white Air Jordan VI after the jump, and let us know if you think it looks better than the Motorsports Air Jordan VI.

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  1. No, no, NO! What are yall thinking?? Speckled white/black sole? Except for the Carmines, the upper and toe box on the VI's should be ALL one color. HUGE Pass for me. Im looking forward to the White/Red VI's that come out around June.

  2. REAL TALK THESE SH*TZ IS FIRE!!! i seen em live on an asian guy feet in Manhattan, & man i can't wait for mines!!!!… i HOPE ALOT OF PPL HATE ON THESE & DON'T COP so i could be the few with em' on, in my boxer shorts bangin' some1 girl… def. coppin' & ain't no stoppin' my jordan shoppin' spree…. yeahhhhh b*tchhhhh, okayyyyy

  3. these are sick. shttin on the motorsports. the specks jus kill it. i love these. i dont even fckk widd JB like that anymore but theyre encouragin me to buy once again. i will be buying these along with the metalic red foamposite 1s & the red, white and black penny 3s.

  4. Cant stand sprinkles. Especially on the VI's. I think they make it looks worse. I love my carmines, and I will get the black/reds but I will gladly pass on these.

  5. LeBronBron, I can't stand ignorant dumb asses like you. These VIs go so hard and I will be walking out the store with a fresh pair of them in my bag at eight in the morning on the release date on March 20th.