Air Jordan V (5) Motorsports Sample

It’s a real treat when Jordan Brand dedicates its shoes to Jordan Motorsports. This time around, JB has the Air Jordan V (5) Motorsports Sample in white/university blue. The shoe has been limited to 23 pairs worldwide and has not been released to the general public. It has a white leather upper with a university blue midsole to match the accents on the shoe. Of course, the V’s have the icey netting and outsole, as well as the clear lacelocks. The reflective tongue features the Jordan symbol in black stitching, whereas it is in blue on the back heel panels. It’s very rare to come across these, but they’re on sale now on eBay.
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Air Jordan V (5) Motorsports Sample

Air Jordan V (5) Motorsports Sample

Air Jordan V (5) Motorsports Sample

Air Jordan V (5) Motorsports Sample

Air Jordan V (5) Motorsports Sample

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  1. the lace holes should be whitethe blue makes em look like fakes but still pretty hot

  2. Up there on the ebay link #3 on the list – buy it now $2500 Ace Boogie. Too rich for my blood but they HOT!!!

  3. dope..they shud be rolay blue/black like the other motorsports, but it is just the sample..hope they drop

  4. everyone can just stop wishing that these will drop cause motorsports kicks never drop

    and dont say that the motorsports 23s came out cause thats wut everyone said but they're really just wizards 23s

  5. hmmm nice sample…i dont really like the sole it reminds me of the 3's that dropped with the baby blue sole

  6. i think they should hav drop some VII's instead of the Vs cuz real rap, they do look alil fake…n defnly wouldnt drop 2500 for em, and as far as the air yeezys, i would drop more den 150 for em cuz they not Jordans…

  7. these are sick and i will be coppin when they drop! hope its in da summer cus i will kill em on a hot summers day!

  8. i saw a pair sz 11 i think on didnt go very high thoo.

    maybe in the 800-1000s.

    clean shoe tho