Air Jordan V (5) Black/Metallic Silver & White/Metallic Silver Summer 2011?We all know that the Air Jordan V will make a comeback once again in 2011 in the Black/ Metallic Silver colorway.

What is now being rumored is the re-release of the White/ Metallic Silver Air Jordan V Retro + ¾ High. Don’t get too excited just yet… It’s been said the ‘23’ shall remain off of the sneakers side panels and a change from tumbled leather to patent leather will be featured. This is just a rumor for the time being but Jordan Brand has been getting a little Retro happy over the past 14 months so it’s very possible to see these drop.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding this potential Re-Retro.

*Update- Pearlized leather will be used, not patent. It will also feature Navy Accents so this will NOT be a Re-Retro release.

Via MN


  1. I agree yo keep it retro and exact…stop changing things around like they did with the altitudes and many other shoes.

  2. man i hate the people designing j’s sumtimes, patent leather? why? i understand its alrite, but to mess up a pair of v’s wit it for example, its like they do these things on purpose just to piss people like me off..

  3. They’re not using patent leather they’re using pearlized leather instead with navy accents. They will probably look okay by I would’ve looked forward to the white and metallic silver ones.

  4. yesssss the metallics are copped !!!!! 100% cant wait i quit the aj game but now im just going to buy some retros that are a classic to just wear like the blak 9’s and theseee!


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