Bobby Fresh takes us back with some of his latest designs drawing inspiration from the Air Jordan V Black/ Metallic Silver due out in stores on the 20th of August.

One of the first things that comes to mind when reminiscing about 1990 and the AJ5 is tuning in to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air just to see what he had laced up for the episode. Now you can rock your fresh pair along with some fresh gear to go along with it.

Both styles come in black or white versions and are now available at Bobby Fresh.

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    1. Cosign on their shitty customer service, I bought a tee to match my VII Cardinals and it took more than 3 weeks to get to me. When I called to see what was up, they played me, said they were “hacked” and had me on hold for like 35 minutes, while I heard them mufuggas on the other end laughing and joking and sh#t. Their customer service and shipping time is prolly the worst I’ve ever experienced, period. No exaggeration no gimmicks.