Air Jordan V – Navy/Grey Unreleased SampleSample kicks and consumers have a love / hate relationship. Some samples should stay samples, while others would have made great releases.

These Air Jordan V samples are a prime example. A navy tonal nubuck upper with light grey accents used really make this pair work well. These do look similar to the Wolf Grey AJVs set to release in 2011. Maybe they used this as inspiration, maybe not.

What ever the case may be, how do you feel about these samples? To release or not to release… that is the question.

Via MN


  1. These should release I like this color these would go nice with a cowboys jerseys or these could be the bobcats colorway.

  2. @NezzWorth White & Navy by Dizzy who happened to get his ersion played by Dj Clue on Power 105.1 in recognition of him doing the NYC anthem first. is the first to remix Black & Yellw for NYC and is my baby cousin. here is the link to his Video which dropped on Worldstar before fab even dropped his verse

  3. Cmon with the bullshit jb.Release stuff like this instead of your BULLSHIT foamposite jordan ones bullshit.We spend our hard earned money on your shit stop FUCKING us.Run a poll and get our opinions on things before you decide to put this DUMB SHIT out.Improve the quality on the materials as well we deserve it.


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