Air Jordan Six Rings Championship Pack - Portland Trailblazers

Joining the likes of the Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns, Portland Trailblazers were another team to be the victim of the Chicago Bulls and are honored through this Air Jordan Six Rings. At first glance, it appears as if this model was designed with the Chicago Bulls in-mind, the typical white, black and red color scheme, but a grey jumpman can be found on the tongue to distinguish it as a Portland Trailblazer sneaker in addition to “92” being written at the side of the sneaker. Via NT.

Air Jordan Six Rings Championship Pack - Portland Trailblazers
Air Jordan Six Rings Championship Pack – Portland Trailblazers


  1. Got Damn I'm First! Who Know It Could Happen. So I Got To Say It (FIRST) LOL. I LUve The Six Rings But Give Me A Break Five 2 Many colorways I'm Just Tired Of Seeing The Same Shoe Come Out over and over & over & over. They Freash Though Dec.31 Spizkie Ya Dig

  2. i live in portland and i think it's great we're gettin some love finally. don't know why portland doesn't get more love. nike started here in portland. the main headquarters for all of nike is just 10 minutes outside portland. it's sad we don't get more love seeing this is where it started.

  3. i'm very sorry but all these jordan's are ugly.

    these look like bootleg jordan's you buy at your local barbershop.

    jordan needs to stop making these kinds of shoes

    and stick with re-retroing there original shoes and releasing old jumpman's.

    cuz honestly spizikes, 2.5's, fusions,etc…oh and especially these…are plain hideous

  4. The best of the championship victims 6rings I've seen to date. Nice job. The true 6rings in the white/black-concord colorway. The 6rings is the best Air Jordan combo-hybrid made to date. The Spi'zike's are in second.

  5. Them junts are to hard I pray that come out in the factory so I can add them to my other 6rings family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I did't think he could do any better than the original 6 Rings, but he has. All of these shoes will be historic classics!!!!!!

  7. actually every nigga who wrote about this shoe except me is ducks all yall niggas lame ass fuck knowing yall weak ass niggas ain't goin get any pair of jays coming out anytime soon dengy ass black tees yall niggas be wearin and none of yall niggas cant whoop me

  8. got the otha ones sweet, but want these but don't have them………….i got the black white and red ones, baby blue and white ones,and the nellis