Air Jordan Retro III (3) "South Beach" Customs
The “South Beach” colorway theme has been so popular that other favorite sneakers have been used as a template with which to create customized colorways that sport the bright blue motif. One such customized sneaker was the Air Jordan V. Now, we have also come across a pair of “South Beach” Air Jordan retro IIIs customized by Mr. Exclusive. Let us know what you think after the jump.

Air Jordan Retro III (3) "South Beach" Customs
Air Jordan Retro III (3) "South Beach" Customs

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  1. this colorway is being over used… but if this shoe was customized right after the south beaches dropped.. it would be more nicer… but now its too late to showcase this colorway… but i respect the hardwork and time given…

  2. OK! What we do is custom sneakers, key word, “custom”. We provide a service for are customers that make it possible for them to have what ever comes to mind. People who love the idea of individuality in a reality where there is very little. The piece that you see here is a order from a customer who had this in mine. The thing that we would like for people to pay attention to is the execution of the work. We would really like to steer away from being labeled as “Hype Beast”, but the reality of our business bring these thoughts to people on the out side looking in. If you wanna see something hot, fill out our order form and let us see some new creations. We will be dropping some work from the minds of our team soon tho, thank you all for your comments and your time.

  3. I like these. i personally would have done something diff with the cement around the toe. but thats just my view. i am actually working on some southbeach 2’s