Air Jordan Retro I South Side Final Product

Yesterday, we saw the first preview of the Air Jordan I Retro South Side, the only thing is the particular model posted was an early sample. Above is said to be the final product of the Air Jordan Retro I South Side. Looks like the yellow is taken off entirely, which I personally can do without it and in place of the yellow is a steel Grey like color. As well, the Air Jordan I South Side is made up of patent leather and canvas on the toe box. Enjoy.

Available now at nikeco_fans.

Air Jordan Retro I South Side Final Product
Air Jordan Retro I South Side Final Product
Air Jordan Retro I South Side Final Product


  1. LifeIsBall –

    At the moment, their is not confirmation on a high top version of this color way.

    Although I have heard the white/black/red color way will retro, but it will be a mid.

  2. Man hopefully niketown san francisco is gettin the west, south,east nd north side colors so far the san franciscans are gettin the west nd south that's a big YYYEEESSS……….SPIDERWEBSF…AIS

  3. so the south will only get this or more???? i stay at texas………HOPEFULLY they will. will they though???

  4. Those shoes have been out for just about a year.The question i have is will they have more of these shoes available by the time the summer of 2008 comes because i can't find them anywhere you would think that they would have them on the internet.If somebody reads this and knows the answer to my question please responed asap.


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