Air Jordan Retro 15 SE (Special Edition)

Here is another color way of the Air Jordan Retro 15 SE, in the most popular color mock up Red, Black and White. As you can see, small differences where made, but you can still see the Jordan 15.

The vent on the sides is probably the most noticeable, and now since we have a small picture of the sole. At the heel is will read XV SE, amongst XXIII and VI. More information coming soon, via Marqueesole.

Air Jordan Retro 15 SE (Special Edition)
Air Jordan Retro 15 SE (Special Edition)


  1. They look like something payless would imitate JB is really reaching instead of going back to the drawing board they need new desingers.

  2. I liked the other pics, the white navy and red, these are definately sweet, in person probably way better, but these aren't better than the reg. XV, awesome though

  3. is this a joke?

    i think this PE is just a hybrid between the 15's and the 22's, they just added a vent on the site…

    cmon JB give us better shoes please!

    were spending $$300+ to buy your shoes!

    we consumers deserve better!

  4. man they only comin out wit three pair of regular XV including the package and they all limited but they wanna give away this BS man F$$k gentry humphrey should've been fired

  5. Not better than the regular XVs, not by a long shot.

    These are team jordan material, aesthetically wise, idk about performance. I would hope they stepped it up in that category.

  6. 15's mixed with 22's, but you can't front they are nice, but is the shoe worth what they will be asking for?????

  7. Ive always gotten heat for defending the xv's because i loved the black ones and the white and gray but these are terrible starting with the sole… reminds me of some old team j's that came out back in the day white/green i donno if ya remember then the white…its true they look like some payless imitations..

  8. love em … always thought the XVs could been cold but the tongue sticking out made the OGs look goofy. I hope they do these in as many colorways as the 12.5s … somebody post a link to some other colors if you got em.

  9. no way these are better than the XV's..the XV's are one of my favorite J's…these are cheap looking …look like some cheap Walmart sneaks


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