Air Jordan Rare Air - White / Black - Cement

Just when you thought Jordan Brand was done meshing sneakers together, we have our first detailed look at their newest hybrid, the AJ Rare Air. This sneaker is rumored to incorporate the Air Jordan 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, all of whose elements are readily seen on this high-top silhouette. This specific colorway of the Rare Air features a white upper with black and cement print accents. Unfortunately, not too much is known about the Air Jordan Rare Air at the moment, including any release information, so be sure to stay tuned for any forthcoming updates.

Via Kasina.

Air Jordan Rare Air - White / Black - Cement

Air Jordan Rare Air - White / Black - Cement

Air Jordan Rare Air - White / Black - Cement

Air Jordan Rare Air - White / Black - Cement

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  1. no to be honest, jordan need to stop makin all these develepment from old models. like its gettin a mess..i was kool wit a couple of fusions, n i love da spizikes… but they gotten too many of each

  2. Learn bizness fellas… That's why last year JB finally broke a billion dollars in profit, and ain't slowin down. Does it look like Mr. Jordan is stoppin any tym soon? BBC represent. Good luck gettin a pair of these… Those drag guards are nice.


  4. My stomache hurts really bad, I was diggin the spikes and the fusions, and dubz a lil bit, and the 6 rings but these smh..

  5. The need to have a intervention with jordan & his designers this sh*t needs to be sat out on the curb with the rest of the Trash.

  6. ну да, неплохой пост :). как думаете, завтра Арсенал победит манукунианцев ? з.ы. жаль по обычному телевидению не посмотришь… :( придётся идти в бар, где есть спутниковое

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