If you thought Jordan Brand only big suprise this year was the Air Jordan XI ‘Concord’ and Air Jordan III ‘Black Cement’ re-releasing, think again. Rumors appeared about possible 2011 Air Jordan retros, including the Air Jordan IV ‘White Cement’ and ‘Military Blue’, Air Jordan X ‘Steel’, White/Varsity Red, and ‘Chicago’, as well as the Air Jordan XI ‘Columbia’ and Air Jordan XII ‘Obsidian’ said to be part of a double-box pack. The Air Jordan XIV ‘Last Shot’, ‘Black Toes’, and ‘Indiglo’, along with Air Jordan XVII Black/Metallic Silver also been said. These are rumored to release Holiday 2011 through early 2012, lets just hope these rumors are true. via NT.

~ Soleless


  1. It’s been exciting to see all the releases of retros but I would really like to see some fire, innovation, and quality on the new products for a change.For example, I really like the direction Nike headed with the Jordan 2011. When they release, I would like to see a Jordan 2011 vs. Jordan 11 post. (just a comment folks, let’s not get too emotionally definsive)

  2. Never believe the hype until there is an actual confirmation date. But if was confirmed, I’d have to stack my bread for the cement IV’s, steel X’s, and especially that double-pack XI/XII (those are 2 of my top 10 all time…)

  3. 4’s, 10’s, 11’s thats some heat. Steels and military have been retroed there saturating the market. I missed on the 4’s so im sorta happy, but its really just messing up everything. Think about it in another 4 or 5 yrs we probably going to see them all retroed again like the card 7’s and true blue 3’s. They just need to come up with new colors and let time pass before we see these again. Also we have to force JB to come up with better looking Air Jordan model shoes 2012’s , 13’s , 14’s and so on. See the 2011’s.

  4. We force them into this by not buying the same retros or the new air jordans. We got to ban together sneaker friends. Tell me what u think. Do u like the new AJ 2011’s? Does a different box make you buy the shoe again? Are u tired of getting damaged boxes that make ur sneaker stacks look like crap? Do they need to come up with sturdier crush proof boxes? Does JB need better quality materials to make these shoes? Are u tired of the excess glue or bad paint jobs? I am!!! Let me know either way. Lets take a stand.

  5. im looking forward to seeing some IV’s and X’s. i hope the quality on them is better than the previous retros. i kinda doubt we will see the columbia XI’s. i feel like they are gonna wait till dec. 23rd of 2012 for that one. i wonder what they will do once they have no OG CW’s to retro. hmmmm..

  6. I would love to see that double-box!! I love the Columbia/XI. I have a pair I’ve worn and still look pretty good but would like that set!! The III-BlackCement & the XI-concord are wicked pieces too!! 2011 is gonna be a good year!!!

  7. Columbia XI's and Obsidian XII's in the same box? That would be awesome. I'd jump on those Indiglo XIV's too. Of course the IV's would be excellent!

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