Air Jordan PHLY High Black / White - Varsity Red

With the weeks passing, we have seen the new Air Jordan PHLY Low, but more and more colorways are releasing. Maybe one of the nicest color mash ups yet, this Air Jordan PHLY High contains Black / White – Varsity Red.

As we know, the Air Jordan PHLY was created as a tribute for Michael Jordan’s coach Clifton Herring aka Pop. The Air Jordan PHLY High Black / White – Varsity Red is available now at Hangtime or a nearby Jordan retailer.

Air Jordan PHLY High Black / White - Varsity Red
Air Jordan PHLY High Black / White – Varsity Red

Air Jordan PHLY High Black / White - Varsity Red
Air Jordan PHLY High Black / White – Varsity Red


  1. Best one so far. This one is alright. Not great, not terrible. I wonder how the quality and feel is for these.

  2. Eye got these @ Finishline. I was gonna get the black/red AJ5 fusions and prob still will, buteverybody is wearing dem and I wanted something a lil different frum da crowd.

  3. they kinda remind me of the chucks mike use to wear when he was at nc lovin the retro chuck t look what you people have no taste in jordans beside the fucked up retros that arent even original retros…yea awesome

  4. God forbid if jordan makes a sneaker that isnt a retro nobody likes just plain J's… Why the fuck do they need to be retro jordans.. they should just make nothin but his retros cuz noones else like plain jordans…..

  5. these are a sick colorway for the shoe. the shoe is very nice and subtle at it. not very flashy, but stylish. HERE'S A LITTLE MESSAGE FOR ALL YOU HATERS THAT DON'T LIKE THIS SHOE: i guess you just don't have good taste becuase the man himself Michael Jordan absolutely loved this shoe!

  6. I copped a pair of these. They feel great, look nice and the quality is really good. I recommend these shoes if anyone wants to cop them and what most of these guys said is true. Sure you have them Rare Retros but it's good to get something different for a change.

  7. I bought the brown chino color way just a few days ago. But Yes they are extremely comfortable!

    I think they feel the best out of any jordan shoe I ever wore. Very nice. I will buy more.

    Has anyone seen the the new Black,cool grey,and white Phlys?

  8. does anybody know where i can get the varsity red-white air jordan phly of these because i really want them….please help me

  9. these shoes are real good lookin' and i ordered the white and gold ones, they are coming this week. I can't wait to where them!!!!

  10. Mann I juss got these bad boi's 12 minutes ago…they made dope, its a different look for the whole jordan movement, but they are made dope, shoes are super comfy and they are mad light. One thing i must say though is that these shoes might need alot of care…simple scuffs can n will probably ruin them…THEY'RE DOPE!!!

  11. great shoes good ankle support i twisted my ankle and if you tie the shoetight its like aankle cast but moisture collects on the plastic part above the bottom part anybody know how to fix this moiture collection