Air Jordan Melo M6 – All Star Game PE

The 2010 NBA All-Star Game will be held later today in Dallas, Texas where the best of the best NBA players will be showcasing not only their skills, but also their impressive footwear. Carmelo Anthony will be rocking a new “All Star Game” colorway of his signature sneaker, the Air Jordan Melo M6. This pair hosts a red upper with white paneling, gold accents, and gold laces.  The sneakers match the Western Conference All Star jerseys perfectly and will definitely make Carmelo Anthony one of the better dressed athletes tonight. Unfortunately, there is no concrete information regarding a possible upcoming release of the “All Star Game” Air Jordan Melo M6, but be sure to stay tuned for updates.

Via Jumpman23.

Air Jordan Melo M6 – All Star Game PE

Air Jordan Melo M6 – All Star Game PE


  1. I really think the Melo line has been the one nice thing about brand Jordan for the past few years.

    But the M6 is junk. It really is no different than the throwaway designs Jordan slaps together for their "team" shoes.

    I really hope the M7 rights the wrongs of the M6. Melo deserves better.

  2. If you be even THINKIN about coppin these freak sneaks then you mightt be findin people tryin to eat yo kicks because melo done made his sneak look like a PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. haha JFather yu silly.. this whole shoe is a discrace to AJ brand but i guess with all the great ness yu gotta take a shit haha melo i would gave these back to JB and ben like Realy?


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