Check out our review on the upcoming AJ3 Retro release for 2011.


  1. “premium synthetic leather” ?????
    give me a break jb. i will never buy jordans that aren’t actual leather. using real leather on fusions and not on signature series retro’s is pathetic.
    sidenote, i don’t own ms 6’s but i was under the impression that they were actual leather? is it true that they are synthetic too?

  2. so 150 for fake leather?? oh definite cop for me!…*sigh…why the fuck is jordans more expensive but have terrible quality ate the same time? you are literally paying more for less…straight up ogs for now on…and the funny thing was that i was feeling these a lot too.

  3. a lot of sneakers nowadays arent made with “true” leather…leather creases a lot easier over time and that is a main beef consumers had with say the OG XIs.

    I work for NIKE design team and at times that is a reason why we decide against leather and go with a more versatile material…not sure the reason for the retros considering they are “lifestyle” sneakers and no longer “basketball” shoes


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