Air Jordan III (3) True Blue

The Air Jordan III (3) True Blue White/True Blue reissue of a reissue is one of the most highly anticipated releases of this year. Some sources believe the shoe might be an International Release Only, which undoubtedly leaves stateside heads scratching their heads – how and where can they scoop? The Air Jordan III (3) True Blue is available on for $250.00 in select sizes and numbers. If you’re the more patient type, the True Blue should hit Jordan Brand accounts (perhaps overseas only) this August.

Air Jordan III (3) True Blue

Via OSneaker.

Air Jordan III (3) True Blue

Air Jordan III (3) True Blue

Air Jordan III (3) True Blue

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  1. Osneaker ALLWAYS was authentic . Dy shxtz iz reaall . Pluz Im coppin deze 2 but im waitin til Auqust . ( I aint payin no daamm 250$ 4 dem shxtz noow )

  2. These are straight fire!! Love the 3's, especially the TB.

    Gotta cop at least 3 pairs!

    Live in Europe so that won't be a problem.

    J's just don't go as hard here like in the States!

    CDP 11 still available after 2 weeks. The Raging Bull pack sold separately. Still available even now!

  3. "International Release Only". I can understand the motive but in my opinion, Nike and The Jordan Brand at times exploit the shoe culture. Let the real sneaker heads determine the value and exclusiveness of the shoes.