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  1. Just got the true blue III's, but damn I want these too. The IIs that go along with them are just icing on the cake.

  2. Not liking Jordan I saved so much just to get the retro joints [Nike Air Be Serious] & Now All Kats The Just Pick Up Kicks When Ever New Kicks Are Coming


  3. Wow, now these are a definate cop, gotta start stackin now, I need multiple packs. Be sure to follow TheSoleTrade on twitter, they are giving out pairs of the new Lebrons VII’s, and the Space Jams starting in October. Actually every month they are giving out two pairs of the months hottest sneaker, follow them for details, I know I am.

  4. Man I was lucky enough to own a pair of '94 wht/cmnt III's. I would only cop if it comes back out with the Nike Air on the back of the heel and will wear it with shorts on the summer.

  5. III's are my favs and this is the one colorway I don't own. So instant cop, and like "CyberSynaptic" said the II's are just icing on the cake.

  6. MAAANN thiis ARE mAAAADD 2010 iis gonna be fiire iim gonna have the VIs XS OH EM GEE MAN LETS GOOOO GET YALL WEIIGHT UP!!!!!

  7. If these are just as good or better than the True Blues that just came out, I'll cop for sure.

  8. 2010 is going to be a sick year for JB retro's, FINALLY!! This II/III pack is awesome, Im glad its not 2 pairs of III's, and they picked the best colors of the II and III for the pack! A must cop

  9. Gotta have!!!!! And also you can't beat two classic pair of J's for $155 each! Try to buy them seperate and your gonna pay $40 or $50 more, if they are real!

  10. WTFFFFFFFFF i just dropped mad dough on the 03's… oh well these can't possibly be good as the 03's.

  11. Damn wtf I jus got the True Blue's and then this happens….what's wrong with America??!!! lol

  12. Still have 2 pairs of 03' White Cement's, so i'm good on those. Quality will probably be nowhere near what it was, and knowing JB they'll f*ck something up. Watch the elephant print on them is going to be solid grey or something. LMAO!

  13. I pass on these!! I still got my 3 pairs of 03 cements, 2 on ice and one as beater.. so need to cop these..

  14. My beloved Jordan Brand is definitely going hard this fall and next year. With my 3rd year of college approaching, I'm gonna have to work extra hours and save up. It's gonna be an expensive next couple of months. Can't wait.

  15. Just wanted to reiterate. These are without a doubt an automatic cop. If you pass on these you will be kicking yourself. Instant Classics. I never give out 5/5 stars, but these deserve it.

  16. this is a sweet pack, wont b the 6/17 countdown but prolly one of the hottes combos they could think of and plus im missin some twos and threes

  17. I hate the 2, could care less about the 3, but the 3 is the first Jordan-designed Air Jordan so why not. I say cop 'em because them broke b*tches can't and if you don't like them then shoot ball in them just so you can hear "man, can't believe you wearin' them thangs on the court, they so hard."….. Losers. It's a pack that they give you four, or five, or six months notice to save up $310 funky ass dollars and you complaining about prices? Maybe if the change is the issue you need to go see the Bootleg man so you can get the Yellow/Orange/Purple/Blue/Black/Silver/Teal/Red and Kiwi Jordans that you need.

  18. Man, 1st the Space Jams ,then 2 pairs of 6s, now a new pack with 2 pairs of classics .JB must of been listening 2 all of the comments about new retros n wack fusions. big ups 2 JB this year(late 09-2010).Need 2 start saving money now cus all these r grails. Thank you JB. ( forot 2 mension "flu game"12 s).JB please release concord 11s & cement 4s sometime in 2010 . THANK YOU

  19. the greatist jordans of all time have to be the grape 5's. hands down. lol. these is iight. i still like the black cements & the red black and white 3s.