In the middle of October we caught a glimpse of an Air Jordan II in a White/Metallic Silver colorway that is set to release at some point in 2010. We haven’t seen many general release AJ IIs as of late, such as the pair that came with the AJ XXI in one of the 2008 countdown packages. But this is also going to be viewed as a great release for many Jordan lovers because although it is not a OG colorway, it is nonetheless a rather appealing color scheme. So, we now bring you some more detailed pictures of this shoe as we await more official word regarding next year’s release of this Air Jordan II.



  1. u know what? i read sum of these comments and i cant help saying 2 myself; who r these clowns? horrible colorway? their white and gray, thats crack 2 me. great 4 ball? these r the IIs, if u wanna hoop go cop the hypermaxs. obviously these comments r being left by a bunch of suburban white boys, but dont worry, i'm bringin the hood out.

  2. too plain?? jordans arent supposed to be colorful or have extravagant colors on it so these are a nice smooth colorway. these rii here are fire

  3. These Kicks Is BUTT UGLY!

    Ya niggas up here saying these is ill.

    this is a horrible colorway, never in my life would i pay for these ugly ass kicks. + they look super fake. jordan is slackinnn, lmaoo!

  4. nahh these are not no definit copp. for real not even a copp at all. the red an white color way is the ONLY colorway i like in the 2s. an they do look a little fake. the colors are too simple.

  5. what the fuck is this?????

    wow no wonder im only copping OGs instead of retroes, these new colorways are fuckin stupid