Last weekend, a bunch of team Jordan Brand members who play in the NBA caught many of us sneakerheads by surprise by putting on a display of different Air Jordan XIIs. Jordan Brand seems to have done it again. Pictured here is a pair of the Air Jordan II retro in a predominantly brown colorway. But at second glance you can also tell that parts of the heel and area between the mudguard and ankle include brown crocodile skin. Moreover, the sole is completely black. Lastly, along the outer ankle area of this pair of shoes there is what resembles a red wax stamp that seems to read “Bin 23.” Needless to say, very little is yet known with respect to this Air Jordan II or if it will even release. For now, enjoy pictures of this mystery Air Jordan II after the jump and know that we’ll bring you any news that comes up.

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  1. wtf… its like a boot/casual/jordan basketball sneaker… Jordan has lost my respect for this same reason only they lost it a long time ago. *gags*

  2. there they go again.. just str8 garbage.. put out what people like and want to buy. i been collecting for 10yrs now and really thinking bout not collecting this sh*t anymore..