Air Jordan Fusion IV (4) - Varsity Red / Cement

We have seen a few styles of the upcoming Air Jordan Fusion IV (4) which are inspired by original Air Jordan 4 colorways, including the “Military Blue” AJF4. Now, we have our first look at an Air Jordan Fusion 4 which sways away from the original colorways, and features a varsity red nubuck upper accented by a white sole and cement print seen on the heel, wings, and midsole. There is no doubt that this colorway is quite unique, but similarities can easily be seen between this pair and the Air Jordan V Retro Varsity Red/White-Black which will release in the upcoming DMP II (2) package. The Air Jordan Fusion IV (4) – Varsity Red/Cement is rumored to release in the upcoming months, so be sure to stay tuned for updates.

Via Marcus Troy.

Air Jordan Fusion IV (4) - Varsity Red / Cement

Air Jordan Fusion IV (4) - Varsity Red / Cement

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  1. I hate that everyone calls the double V pack the "DMP II" its not its called the "raging bull" pack.

  2. amen jp…i wish everyone would get it right too haha…but yea as for these i dont really do fusions but they go pretty hard mayyyyyybe cop

  3. yeah ppl do need to get it right i work in a shoe store and i got tired of hearing quote "yall getting them easter jays" no bit they are hare ones get it right ppl do your homework but these do go hard and i said i was done with fusions

  4. I feel that if the bottom nd the windgs were white, theyd be tougher. but they r tough as it is

  5. i want the AJF 4's when they come out, and i need a new pair of red shoes in my life, but i think i like the mars fusions a lot better.

    hopefully these will look better in person, because i'm really slowing down with buying shoes, but i need red shoes that i'm not afraid of wearing on the day-to-day (unlike my OLNL blacktoes, which i bought on release day and can still almost pass for DS, so you know i rock those as gentle as possible) and i want AJF 4s.

  6. They look really good for fusions. I just ordered sum retro 4's, but I might copp these. Gotta look at them in person first.

  7. I cant stand fusions, cuz im not payin 150 bones for some forces! but this colorway is disgusting yo! especially the cement sole, YUCK! like my man Jay_unit said this would be a great idea for to retro the 4's in this colorway.

  8. These are cool, im not really a fan of the fusions but these GO. I seen the 9s on

  9. fusions as a whole are rediculous!!! i dont know waht JB was thinking trying to fuse the retros! they look like some bobo joints. Now, the best retro after the III, the 4… jordan brand has really lost theyre mind with all these fusions and crap