Air Jordan Fusion IV (4) - Black / Cement Grey - Fire Red

We featured a sample Air Jordan Force Fusion IV (4) – Black/Red/Cement earlier this year, and we now have pictures of the actual AJF4 that will release to share. The colorway of the pair picture here is most famously known as “Bred” due to its combination of black and red colors. Featuring a black nubuck upper a with grey accents seen on the semi-translucent midsole, laceholes, inner lining, and outsole, along with red accents seen on the outsole, stitching and tongue, this pair yields an overall similar composition to the Black/Cement Grey-Fire Red Air Jordan 4 which released in the 19/4 Countdown Pack. The Air Jordan Fusion IV (4) series is set to debut later this year, so be sure to stay tuned for updates.

Via Marqueesole.

Air Jordan Fusion IV (4) - Black / Cement Grey - Fire Red

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  1. i like 'em.

    gonna get me two or three pairs of fusion 4s: mars for sure, these b/reds right here probably, and cement grey maybe. i know a lot of people aren't keen on fusions, but i think jordan brand did a better job with the fusion 3s and fusion 4s than they did with a lot of other shoes in the past few years.

  2. Almost everybody who owns the three's has them sitting in there closet like there the Mona Lisa, scared to rock them. Would you rock yours to the gym …… NO. Would you kick a soccer ball with them … No. Would you do anything that came your way in these ….. Of course , that's what there made for. To kick rocks and still be fresh. These are dope for beaters. Is someone gonna tell me I ain't official cause I'm rocking these? I got Jordans older than your prom pictures.

  3. mannn y cant dey jus bring back sum of the retor 4's!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK THESE DAMN FUSIONS!!!!!!!!

  4. Let me guess…… You want the originals AGAIN. They just freakin came out with them with the pack for all you Jordan retro ball lickers. How many of the same shoe you want? "oh look in my closet…… I have 18 pairs of the same sneaker". Look in the mirror and say over and over "I will get a life, I will get a life". LOL

  5. would JB please stop making this fusion crap… this is just ridiculous instead of making better colorways for the OJ they make this fusion crap.. I dont mind waiting for new J's to come out rather than milking the OJ and mixing it with the AF1..

  6. BusyBee- agree with you 100%! Although I will say this, my AJ3s are rocked to death. And so are the rest of my Js… whats the point to having all these kicks if you just look at them? Rock your sh*t and be proud of it.

  7. Say what you will, but the quality on these fusions is very high.Much more so than any shoe released in the countdown pack.Other than the sole which is a classic sillouhette,by the way,fusions are almost identical to the 3,4 and 5.There realy is nothing to hate.Only haters hate.It is a very small group.The fact remains the majority likes these sneakers.

  8. I like Fusions. The blue ribbon 5's are one of my favorite shoes in a large collection. I like the way they look with 501's way better than some of my retros. These are hot. Too each is own but how can you call these nasty. I will kill these and Im a hard act to follow with the way I rock sneakers. I see so many of yall rockin retros and look like a complete doofus. Some3 of us just go too the store, cop em, rock em then chuck em. Thats what we do. Dont have time to compare closets with kids.

  9. I didn't think they were actually going to make these. I went to get some cigars and they had these up in the corner store and im talkin bout like last year.I just laugh every time i see shit like these.The only fusions i ever copped were the AJF5 but thats because they were the best designed and i absolutely love 5's.But these here are only worth becoming beaters.

  10. LOL at all you HYPE-BEASTS out there that think these are hot.

    These suck, just like everything else JB is releasing right now.

    and "BusyBee"- did you honestly just say you're "a hard act to follow

    the way i rock sneakers". ????? What does that even mean?

  11. It means that when you rock sneakers and I rock the same sneakers they look like two diffrent sneakers. Your's looks lame and mines looks insane. You collect sneakers. There a accessory to me. Its the first thing you see when I step out my coupe. So I have to put them on correctly. Your probably such a lame you waited on line for Yeezy's. Kanye would have to personally bust a check in my name for me to rock something that looks like that

  12. i dig BusyBee's point of view… hes not like any other dumbass that feels "oh, i have to only wear retros and nothin else" thats a dumb way 2 buy sneakers i mean like im not throwin dirt on retroes but i feel like ther are better sneakers other than retroes…… basically my point is some people should stop being so bland and open up their eyes to the new an innovative shit jordan has to offer

  13. I like the fact that BusyBee is sayin what he really thinks…I'm sure there are some people that are just sayin that fusions are ugly because they see other people sayin the same thing…so they think that's the cool thing to say. I do have one question for the people that don't like fusions though: is it the look of the fusions that you don't like or is it the idea of what it is? I just don't think that fusions look ugly. The 4s are my favorite jordans (they look SO nice) and while I would pick the original 4s over the fusions any day, I don't think they're ugly…just less preferable. I just wanna know why so many people dislike fusions; idea or look?

  14. DK…………..

    its both the idea and the look. AF1 shouldn't be mixed with jordans period. And the look of the shoe isnt really nice at all. Forces dont belong with jordans

    P.S. 4's are my favorite J's too and i dont even like these.

  15. they look fake cheep i would only pay 50 for em and every one that said these are hot do ur self a favor and sell ur kicks star wear some pumas………. LOSERS

  16. hey my name is BusyBee and i suck at life.. i own 2 PAIRS OF SNEAKERS… me and my boys are sooo coool ..i rock fusion but call my self a sneaker head …. i got 3s in the closet… THERE 4's…what is ur point loser… they look like homeless ppl kicks..