Air Jordan Fusion 4Jordan Brand is at it again… Fusion this, hybrid that. We despise this as much as the next person. But to be honest the only reason releases like this keep dropping is because someone is buying them.

With that said, here are some detailed images of the AJF4 ‘Laser’ from marqueesole.

Love it or hate it, Fusions aren’t going anywhere… Despite what Jordan Brand had publicly announced.

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  1. cmon really? JB U NEED TO STOP WITH THIS BS!!! Nut nope they still commin with the Fusion 10's so u guys better brace urselfs for some MAJOR DISSAPOINTMENT. JB BETTER NOT MAKE A WHITE/RED LASER FUSION 4 OR IM DONE!!!

  2. @KEVIN no fusions were hot…they just puttin out extra nice lookin colorways to get ppl to buy 'em. Now if they made these in actual 4s nd put them on flight club for $200, bouku ppl wuld cop nd they'd made more money…JB stupid. But i'll f#@k wit em til i die. I love jordans

  3. look the black and blue 5 with blue bottoms were kick ass. i dont care what any 1 says.those were smokin period.all other fusions are crap period…………………

  4. but still forever thats all we got left.a man who was a true warrrior. and not a sell out.i so miss the way he played the game. god bless him. the best bball player ever lived. he is the true king in basketball world wide baby…hey lebron u wanted to be world wide. maybe in another life time. love you mj

  5. All these folk hating on da fusion 4.. i like them im going to buy them.. yall just hating cause yall can't afford them…