Air Jordan Force Fusion VI (6) Low - AJF6

After already have preview the Air Jordan Force Fusion VI (6) High, the low counterpart has appeared in two color-ways. The first of the two feature a a white/court blue/university blue combination while retaining the Air Jordan VI look. The second model contrasts the first due to its very basic color-way that is made up of mostly black, stealth and varsity red accents. Release of both is slated for March 7th in limited quantities. Via Sneaker Collector.

Air Jordan Force Fusion VI (6) Low - AJF6
Air Jordan Force Fusion VI (6) Low – AJF6


  1. Fusions are tight, I dont know why everyone rags on them. And those are no different, these are sleek and cool. Considered both colors COPPED!!!

  2. they are… okay…

    the fusion 6 highs are pretty nice…

    and the second comment was SOOOO funny… lmao… i dont understand what it is with these cats tryin so hard and bein proud of having first comment…

  3. limited qualities? whats the use these r jus regualr fusions

    like whats soo speacial bout this pair =S

    jordan brands gotta stop wit this fusion bullshit

    i mean he shud noe jordan fans arent feelin this

    jus stick to makin shoes for furture players o sumthin

  4. these r ugly,i dont know y anybody likes these cuz they just air forces with parts of jordans on it,u cant even really call these jordans.

  5. These Fusion 6 lows are Dope!!! with the hideaway license plate ya dig??? Im going to have to get both of them when they release. BTW the colorway on these are kinda similar to the Air Jordan 6 lows that released in 2002.


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