Air Jordan Force Fusion 12 White/Bright Cactus Kids

Releasing tomorrow, March 8th 2008 is this pair of Air Jordan Force Fusion 12 White / Bright Cactus made for Kids. This pair has gone under the radar for sometime now, and according to our Air Jordan Release Dates page, this is a Urban Release.

Sizes 3.5 – 6 are available, with a retail price of $99.99. Available at your local Urban account retailer, or you can buy off of Finishline right now.


  1. Available now in kids sizes….White/Vomit Green Fusion XIIs. Wtf? Never on my kids' feet…ever!

    E-A-S-Y P-A-S-S !!!

  2. I agree…there for kids they are okay.. they can match it with there shrek t's lol they dont look that bad either .. just 2 colors that u cant do mutch with imo…

  3. ok will cop for my brother but I've noticed that there are too many fake fusions out there alredy and the fusions jus came out! WTF IS UP WIT DAT!!!!!

  4. WHOOOAAAA!! SO MUCH HATE ON A DiFFERENT SHOE!! I like them finally a bright & Clean shoe for kids.. NOT ALOT OF PEOPLE WILL HAVE THESE..


  5. ^^Of course how did you know!
    I’m not really hating I just think with colorway’s like these make them look fake.

  6. these are nice i would want mi mom to buy me these she is goin to order me some i have alot of greena nad yellow shirts taht would go good wit these


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