Air Jordan Flight 45 - New Colorways

Though the sneaker has not begun to hit retailers yet, the Air Jordan Flight 45 has been previewed a multitude of times. This time around, we have our first look at two new colorways. The first pair yields a white leather and patent leather upper accented by black inner lining, a black speckled mid-sole, and a black strap, while the second style hosts a black upper with red accents seen on the mid-panel, toe box, laces, and inner lining, while white accents are visible via the sole. Expect both variations of the Air Jordan Flight 45 to release in the upcoming months.

Via FlightClub.

Air Jordan Flight 45 - New Colorways

Air Jordan Flight 45 - New Colorways

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  1. I have to wonder why JB keeps making these ridiculous sneakers and if they at all are profitable. The Old Skools, The PHLY, Big Funds, etc … etc …. You would think they would just do retros and hybrid kicks with the .5s, Spiz'ikes, and 6IX Rings …. then call it the day.

  2. true @ TechNutt. the target market may be different, most people younger than 30 and most real sneaker heads are not buyin these sneakers is my guess. the older crowd may be buyin these shoes up and they make enough profit from that (?) i dunno. or possibly parents wanting a cheaper Jordan for there children or something. but do these honestly sell enough for JB to keep making them is the million dollar question

  3. Jordan brand continues to make these shoes because they sell, and they sell to all sorts of different people regardless of age, race or gender. Jordan has gone from having one shoe, to becoming a division of Nike make tons of money along the way. JB is what it is because of shoes like the b loyals, old schools, Flights 23s, etc and how well they sell. Everyone can say what they want, but at least JB isn't putting out the same 23 pairs of shoes just in different colors year after year.

  4. I wanna know how many people really like these shoes. How many people will get up at four in the morning and sit in the cold in the middle of winter to buy a shoe that looks like this? Jordan is losing touch with the people that bang his shoes. i wouldn't put my grand mother in these joints.

  5. Like seriously. This is just ridiculous now…

    The only people that buy these shoes any way are the people who arent sneaker heads like us.

    JB isnt even focused on quality any more.

    And I'm starting to lose respect along with the ridiculous prices.

  6. jordan shoes probably cost like 5$ to make so even if they go outlets right away they still make coin

  7. bottom line,

    if you're a sneakerhead, stick to the J's you like & do you

    & for the everyone else for whatever reason can go get these…

    JB makes $$$$ by making shoes for everyone, but JB making shoes like these kinda makes me cherish and respect the shoes from JB i actually like

    but regardless, things aren't always gonna go your way as a sneakerhead