Air Jordan Flight 23 - Finishline Exclusives

Air Jordans lasted Flight 23 have been inspired by two of their classics from quite a few year’s back, the Hare Air Jordan VIII and Cool Grey XI. Both models retain the original look quite nicely, but its the Air Jordan IV design of the Flight 23 which makes it seem more of an actual Air Jordan model. Both will be exclusively sold at Finishline.

Air Jordan Flight 23 - Finishline Exclusives


  1. these are both nice. stop haten you goofs. everything heat is not always a retro, anybody thats up to date on shit knows that. both these shoes work for me. dont get me wrong tho, too many packs an 23s to buy.

  2. From a design stand point these are very uncreative. Obviously trying to emulate the jordan 4 and adding accents from other models.

    If these weren't jordan brand nobody would be saying that they're "heat".

    These are the crack baby versions of the OG Jordans.

    Why can't they design ORIGINAL "Heat" without using pieces from previous models?


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