Here is a quick teaser of what to expect from Jordan Brand starting in July and August.

In July we will get the OG Air Jordan XI Low IE, which looks just as it did when it made its first retro appearance, and will retail at $120… Thank goodness they didn’t increase the price this time! August will see another AJXI Low in an all new colorway, White/Black- Metallic Silver, retail is also expected to be $120. Lastly we have the return, yet again, of the Black/Metallic Silver Air Jordan V (August) with a retail price of $150… which is a price increase.

We all know JB is full of surprises, so stay tuned for more updates on future Jordan Brand releases.



  1. Don’t matter what kind of heat is releasing cuz JB will just make it a general release, throw in some matching apparel that any hypebeast will wear n make a killing. Same old story, theyve figured out how to make their buck. Can’t blame em though. Just wish they would acknowledge the transcending qualities of each shoe n the history that came with em.

  2. Like my Low VI’s & Low VIIIs but not so much these. I remember very well when these came out and only a couple ballers were brave enough to rock’em, mainly to play in, which was unusual to ball in a low back then… I like’em but not enough to buy.
    The Vs tho….ooooh them Vs are FYE-AH! GOTSTA Get me a pr. of those 4 SHO!