Air Jordan Defining Moments Package Converse Samples

After much speculation and anticipation, detail photos of the Air Jordan Defining Moments Package Converse Samples have finally been spotted. Originally, the Jordan Brand released the Air Jordan VI DMP and Air Jordan XI DMP as apart of the Defining Moments Package, but these sneakers have been said to be the shoes similar to the shoes worn by Michael Jordan against Georgetown in the ’82 NCAA Finals when he made the game deciding shot. Unfortunately, these samples never made it to the stores because they were scrapped by Jordan Brand, but samples have been said to be floating around eBay. Via Ken Lu.

 Air Jordan Defining Moments Package Converse Samples


  1. When you see 'em properly(more pics on NT) they ain't too bad, but I'm glad they were never released with the DMP!

  2. This merge of the Jordan name, number, "jump shot" silhouette and this converse model were facilitated by Nike gaining access to Converse's catalog of sneakers after purchasing them for $305 million back in 2003.

    I bet this "cross-brand fusion" will eventually make it to retail stores in 2010 or 2011, after the series of Air Jordan and Air Force 1 fusions novelty and sales level off.

    It is not a bad idea. Jordan stamps his recognizeable and popular brand on a another manufacturers shoe, Converse, he has worn and likes besides Nike. Converse gains access to a segment Jordan Brand's customer base who otherwise would not be caught dead, in this lifetime or the next, in a pair of there sneakers.

    This sample is looks OK; the colorways are little off.

    My suggestion would be swap out the leather for canvas – even more retro than leather. Make the main colorway university blue, with white and gold secondary colors as accents. And for that unique attribute all popular sneakers have – the #23 below the ankle area in Jordan's handwriting like it was when he was in college. OK, I just made that up, but it would be cool still.

  3. I think credit should be given to solesupreme at instead of kenlu for this info, got his logo plastered all over them, check out the site for exclusive unseen info!

  4. OH SHIT!!!

    Are you fukking kidding me?????

    This is not at all good for business… JB is being ran by absolute idiots with no sense of where this brand began. Converse Jordans?… hell naaa!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I don't care that nike owns converse. This is ridiculous

  5. u idiots u cant even c the damn shoes…but 4 yall lame ignorant assholes info these r the shoes tht he wore n the shot 2 clinch the ncaa title over georgetown n 82…& n my bood theyr nice as hell 4 wat i can c

  6. it would be a good idea if they make the kicks the exactly like the joins he was wearing in the game. how can sme of you say it is a bad idea when that game and that shot was a defining moment in his career. plus it would be good for nike because it would show people that they own converse. just think if joedan would not have signed with nike it would have be either converse or adidas. so for all you asses don't hate cause the shoe doesn't have the swoosh. do remember converse had the player that started all the hype over a shoe with chuck tylor.


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