Just before we reached April and all of the April Fool’s Day hysteria, we brought you a sneak peek of the Air Jordan 9 Retro Premio from the BIN 23 collection- a sneaker and colorway that is NO joke. Now some great quality pictures have surfaced of this Air Jordan sneaker, which does nothing short of put the Air Jordan II Retro Premio BIN 23 to sleep in the opinion of many. What do you think?


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  1. personally, this has and always will be the ugliest jordan model (yes even over the XV). the only colorway that really does it justice is a black based colorway. putting gold all over it is just ehhhhhh….. id take em for free but theres too many hot alternatives i can spend on like bron's or other j's.

    bottom line THumbsDOWN

  2. this is eh….prob pass….hey quick question for any one reading this…is the website "xr163.com/" a legit site? any feedback please would be greatly appreciated

  3. @ G they are making them in 11,6,4 they are coming out in every jordan 1-23 the 2's are kinda Flame but there will be wayy more buzz for these ones!!!

  4. u guys are jokes these are a collectors item as rare as the original two spizikes. Made italy. This is a Crisp color way to a nice lookin sneaker. SMH i i dont like when ppl dont know what to say deccide to speak

  5. OHHH WOW MADE IN ITALY….ohhh watch out…who cares where they come from…when it comes down to it at the end of the day…its a shoe…and ppl are either gonna buy it because A) they collect and they just gotta have it OR B) they like how it looks and they wanna wear it