Back in May, we reported that the Doernbecher Air Jordan 6 (VI) would be the next sneaker to release from the Doernbecher Freestyle series, and we now have images and more information to share. This Air Jordan 6 hosts a navy blue suede upper with gold and red accents. A couple other key aspects of this sneaker include “What time is it?” / “Game time!” on the tongue, the number one on the rear, and “06/08” on the upper. To cap it all off, Jordan Brand has also included an icey clean clear midsole. As of now, there is no exact release information regarding the “Doernbecher Freestyle” Air Jordan 6 (VI), but a Fall 2009 release is likely.

Via Marqueesole.


  1. You know, with the VI's from the CDP, and the VI infareds that are coming out in a few months, why get this? Pass.

  2. they straight but little undecided on em.. deffintly feelin the txt inside the toung and im feelin the sole but whats up w/ the 1 and the colorway isnt the most appealing 2 me but idk…

  3. VI's…………….the next JB whore.

    But seriously, i'd really have to see these in person before I judge. I like the thought process but, something's missing.


  4. you need too calm down on these. they are designed by patients in a children's hospital and all proceeds go to the hospital. so if you don't like them don't buy them, but don't put down and insult the designers of the shoe Scumb*gs.

    you guys should be giving props to JB/Nike for doing something like this.

  5. kinda like tha peapod 8's these hot if u rock them right as long a the price iz cool i'll cop. But i'm still waitin fo Black

    friday. Itz goin down like an airball

  6. Got to cop…go the 1's last year…only thing they should change is the stitching. Would be a lot better if it was white

  7. I likem….plus they going for a good a cause…and a lot people thats saying they ugly..going be the ones end up getting them


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