Air Jordan 6 (VI) Doernbecher Freestyle - New Images

Earlier this month, we showcased the first pictures of the newest Air Jordan 6, and we are now proud to present a couple new images to give you a better look at what Jordan Brand has in store for you. A key aspect of this sneaker is the suede on the upper which contains various patterns, including a pinstripe on the toebox. The upper of the sneaker is navy blue, while red accents can be seen on the midsole and tongue, and gold accents are visible via the inner lining and tongue. Unfortunately, there is no concrete release date, so be sure to stay tuned for any updates.

Via FlightClub.

Air Jordan 6 (VI) Doernbecher Freestyle - New Images

Air Jordan 6 (VI) Doernbecher Freestyle - New Images

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  1. these arent serious but ya gotta stop beastin cuz ppl said tha same shyt about the bears 8's and od ppl rockin them

  2. You can't even compare the Peapods and these. The Peapods are way cleaner than these!!!!

    Peapods > Doernbecher

  3. Are you guys forgetting what the DOERNBECHER FREESTYLE is for?

    its obviously not your taste, but its a cause to help the kids…

    i dont really get why you guys are dissing them…

    But i'll for sure cop, i spend 100's of dollars on Jays all the time, might as well do it for a cause…

  4. These are just as fire as other JB db. If your hatin that's easier for me to cop mine. Then all 3 on ice. Great cause and can't wait for release. Must cop

  5. I must say the first two charity jhoints was phresh to def, but I can't jump on the bandwagon with these, they not hot, they coulda been way better than this, them colors is too unorthodox for my taste, and this is a hardcore jb head, they got fusions that go way harder than these, no lie

  6. R u Krazy? These r Fire. just str8 sickkkkkkkkkk. I gotta have em . when i rock these out taking ur girlfriend with me. yall deff gone b hatin. im so gonna swagg these suns of bitis. lol! get at me on da release date. 5 star kicks 4 sho!

  7. they probably only look that way because they big. but in a smaller size like a 9 :) they prolly look a lot better.

  8. All yall who dont like them will secretly cop them when they first come out b/c the comp. images never do jordans any justice so stop hating til yall see them up close but even this view make them a must grab

  9. I'm def coppin these joints! Imma Warrior fan, so these will look very nice on game day! I'll be at Nike Town SF along with the rest of the Warrior fans in the BAY. Plus its for a good cause…you can't hate.

    The only cats that are hatin' are the fools who flip J's. They think these are 2 ugly to sell (In your area). Or, the fools who wait to see more than one comment that says "these are a must cop", then ur all over them (followers). Cop shoes cuz you like them and YOU'RE GOING TO BE THE ONE THAT WEARS THEM!!! Esp J's. You cats the flip J's are messin up the shoe game for real J fans. Notice how no ones buying your Titanium XX3s on e-bay??? No one's gonna buy ONE PAIR of shoes for $2,000 today cuz the economy is bad! So you might as well take down your post, and wear the shoe or give it to a real J fan like myself or one of the cats on here for $230 retail.

    Hallelujah Holla Back!!