Air Jordan 4 Columbia 2015 Retro

Most will also be happy to know that JB is bringing back the other pair of Air Jordan 4 in 2015 that features leather instead of the traditional netting known as Columbia.

A quick history lesson for those that don’t know, the Columbia Jordan 4 was first introduced to the world back in 1999. Retail price was $100 and although we don’t know what the 2015 will cost we are sure a lot more then the previous pair.

As you can see the 2015 Jordan IV Columbia will also use high quality materials, being apart of the remastered plan from JB. Tumbled leather uppers mixed in with fine stitching definitely hits the nail for better quality.

Which pair are you wanting more, the Columbia or Oreo Air Jordan 4?

Air Jordan 4 Columbia 2015 Retro

Air Jordan 4 Columbia 2015 Retro

Air Jordan 4 Columbia 2015 Retro

Air Jordan 4 Columbia 2015 Retro

Source: SC


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  2. Bitch why I gotta lie bout some fucking shoes man I’m a grown ass man I’ve had more Js than u can imagine having

  3. Matter of fact they dropped right before the ugly ass 15s came out that December and I had them too lol you better go on some shoe blogs and search retrosaurus82 I been rockin the Js since like 87 lol

  4. Had a chance to get those back in the day. Early 2000s. They sat on the shelves. Now mutha fuckers are gna be lined up to get em. Pitifull

  5. Rather have the oreos these were ugly in 99 when i passed and still gonna be ugly in 2015 when i pass. #EPICFAIL

  6. Well it makes sense if the Oreo 4’s are coming out next year then the Columbias should too since they both came out in the same year in 1999

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  9. mane fuk all yall dumb retarded mufukas yall just being some fukn copy cats wen dis shit came out back den half of yall mufukas ain’t even have no fukn swag bitch I was born a jordan fan ben rockn em from a baby on up fuk yall mean n on god some of deez shoes do b ugly so stop wit sa bullshit ima real jordan fan yall just copy cats sad